Yes, I’m sad for young Trayvon Martin’s parents.  Any parent who loses a child for whatever reason is a sad story.

I’m also sad for all the other parents of young men and women—of all colors—who have been shot or killed in the past few weeks since Martin’s death.  There have been black people killing black people, white people killing white people—but the only story we’re hearing about is this one particular Trayvon Martin story.

Why is that?

It’s because the Trayvon story is nothing but a Smoke Monster.  It’s a giant group of liberals jumping up and down with giant red flags saying, “Look over here!  Look over here! Don’t look that way at the Supreme Court or the fact that gasoline is nearing $5 in California or the fact that Obama’s approval ratings are at an all-time low—none of that matters because look THIS WAY at the injustice of a poor young black man who was brutally murdered by someone who looks like a white guy!”

It is a SMOKE MONSTER, nothing more.  It’s simply a way to distract us from the rest of the problems the Obama administration is facing.  This is Alinsky 101—it’s a sad story for Trayvon’s family (and also Zimmmerman’s for that matter) but otherwise it’s a non-issue in the political grand scheme of things.

The most stunning part of this story is that the democrats are—as usual—are doing just that, trying to turn it into some sort of GOP thing.

According to California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, “almost every Democrat in the California Assembly donned a hoodie, and joined their voices with Assy. Steve Bradford and Speaker John Perez in blaming the ‘white man’ for all the problems in the black community, including the murder of Trayvon Martin. This was embarrassing and extraordinarily inappropriate.”

As one Facebook friend replied, “So the democrats are protesting against a Hispanic democrat in support of a black democrat and blaming white republicans, which were not involved in any way. Sounds logical to me.”

Unfortunately “logic” has nothing to do with it.  This is entirely, 100% a Public Relations ploy.  A way to pull everyone away from the real issues in America and the world by using race-baiting, anger, and any other emotions they can drag out of us.

So please–it’s time to move away from the “Trayvon” story.  We’ve got to stop giving those liberal media-types the time of day and remember that when you poke the giant Smoke Monster with a dose of reality, it all goes away in an instant.  But then again beware–because as soon as one Smoke Monster disappears many more will be lurking right around the corner, waiting to distract and enrage once again…