Following a Supreme Court ruling that said that federal restrictions on certain states’ voting laws were invalid, North Carolina passed a law requiring that people who wish to cast a ballot must show photo identification. Predictably, the left-leaning media have gone into high outrage mode.

In doing so they’ve ignored the facts which show that not only do black voters support voter ID more than whites, getting an ID card is not nearly so onerous as anti-reform groups pretend it to be, and that helping people get identification for themselves is a good way of ensuring they are part of the many other parts of societal interaction that require identification. This much should be evident to reporters who continuously amplify incendiary, racially charged allegations that do not square with reality.

To be a part of the economic mainstream of this country, it is necessary to have a valid photo ID. So here’s a question for the media. If it’s racist to ask voters for a form of identification at their polling place, why isn’t it then racist to also ask for identification before stepping inside a plane, or into a federal building, filling out a job application or opening up a bank account?

That’s an obvious question that the Los Angeles Times has declined to ask so far. Here’s the ominous subhead attached to a June 30 report authored by David Zucchino: “Republican leaders are pushing measures that could negatively affect black voters.”

Based on what exactly? The article declines to spell that out.

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