Maybe China doesn’t have the Title Deed of our land but something more important in today’s terms. Succinctly put they own our cyber air space. It gives them access to our Military secret warfare designs and every American citizen’s private, financial information. In fact they have been stealing from the U.S. for so long if we did have a Deed it would probably be titled “The U.S. of China”.

Just recently a National Security Senior Defense official confirmed Chinese hackers did indeed access designs of dozens of sensitive, advanced weapon systems including:

* F-35 advanced joint fighter jets, most expensive weapons program in history
* UH-60 Widely used utility Black Hawk helicopter of U.S. Military
* Aegis Ballistic Missile, Defense System; Backbone of the U.S. Military’s missile defense system, detects & tracks enemy missiles and rockets
* Navy standard missile (SM-2,3,6) U.S. Navy’s primary surface-to-air defense weapon
* Global Hawk- Drone: High altitude, long endurance, unmanned aircraft system; No other country in the world has this capability…Until now, stolen.

They have been stealing with both hands and it is changing the destiny of China and ours for that matter. Not simply have they stolen all of these technological and military secrets but they are demonstrating a capacity to command cyber-space against the U.S. with our own weapons.

In addition to all the military assets that have been hacked by these, “People’s Republic Army”, they have hacked into: Nassau, The Federal Reserve, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Defense, & Banks. Estimated cyber-attacks cost the U.S. economy as much as $400 Billion a year, $300 Billion in Defense secrets a year. In the case of the F-35 jets, it cost a cool $1.4 Trillion.

Why don’t we do more to protect the systems we have spent so much time and money developing? Either we can’t stop them or we have engaged with playing a double game by having (viruses) built into the system. Unfortunately their F-35 already looks and does what ours does so it appears they breached our firewall.

There is no obvious reason this administration shouldn’t be thwarting China’s attacks and at the very least asking for monetary compensation. A year ago the Joint Chiefs made a very clear statement that in certain instances of cyber space intrusion it would be considered an act of war against the U.S and should be treated as such.

When asked if Pres. Obama will be discussing cyber-attacks with China’s President at the summit, Gordon Chang, China & No. Korea Analyst stated, “A good likely-hood that cyber-attacks will be discussed but not the guidelines. We don’t want them walking up to that red line so we won’t tell them what the guidelines of the red lines are”.
That makes no sense. It appears they have already crossed the line, but how would anyone know? How useless and cowardly to have redline guidelines, to denote an Act of War, but not tell the enemy what they are. He’s scared of telling China not to cross a line cause look how well it worked with Syria and Iran when he did nothing. Would you tell your teen you have a curfew but I’m not going to tell you the time?

“China has been in some belligerent acts recently; they grabbed territory away from some of our allies, they closed off the South China Sea which is international waters, they are supplying North Korea with missile launchers that could potentially hit the U.S.” Sounds like war preparation. President Obama has been unwilling to discuss these things with China either, hopefully at the summit. This is his job, not spying on American citizens.

The hacking we have endured in cyberspace makes one consider the guidelines. You couldn’t do this anywhere but the “virtual” world and not have any doubt that it’s an act of war. Why would we trust President Obama when he said Friday, that the intelligence community is looking at phone #’s and duration of calls not looking at people’s names or at content in respect to the internet or e-mails. It doesn’t apply to U.S. citizens or people living in the U.S. That’s just not true! NSA has already confirmed cooperation from Google, credit card co.’s and most all phone co.’s here in the States. 170 million Verizon customers are not calling Yemen.

He has made it crystal clear that he thinks Al Quaeda, and terrorist are on the run. Yet he would have us believe now the NSA data gathering is all about tracking the terrorists. With this program already installed why didn’t it pop out the Boston bombers names immediately since he was on U Tube and Russia double warned us? What happens if China hacks into the NSA data base? They have been successful getting top military secrets and entry into our banks. They would have our identity, photo, DNA, etc.

Being reluctant to stand up to China about cyber hacking is basically handing over our wealth-growth of the economy and protection through our military technologies and designs. His job, first and foremost is to protect the American people from harm which is clearly China’s cyber-attacks on U.S. military weapon designs and our banking industry.

He’s had numerous opportunities to defend our country from cyber and terror attacks by using this system which has not been implemented or just plain didn’t work. Most attacks detoured by alert citizens. Why would we trust his word or NSA to keep secure our personal data when Obama care’s data base is being built especially for this information?

Mr. Obama said Fri. after the leak was announced, “If people can’t trust not only the Executive branch but also Congress and federal judges to make sure that we are abiding by the Constitution, due process and rule of law then we are going to have some problems here.” I’d say Mr. Obama we already have some problems here. In the past month we have done nothing but have court to defend our constitution from You, the IRS and the DOJ who all have skirted the truth.

It’s ironic that we found out about the NSA data spying from a British newspaper called the “Guardian” since our President isn’t guarding our 4th amendment. While he’s investigating a Fox Journalist for leaks this gets leaked overseas. Americans will not put up with this once we come to realize he’s not changing and the chance of him doing the “right thing” and accusing the Chinese hacking as an act of war is as tough for him as firing an IRS agent.

Not our President or Congress is stepping up to demand action, which shows how gutless this country has become on this issue because we are in deep debt to China. Mr. Obama said at the beginning he wanted to fundamentally change America. It appears we are under construction. So, I ask you again, does China own the United States?