My husband and I recently went to Universal Studios City Walk to see a movie. I I was wearing my ‘Breitbart is Here’ t-shirt so of course I saw a lot of rolling eyes and disgusted looks from liberals.

So when the Justin Beiber look-alike behind the glass counter asked me about my shirt I was ready to defend myself—but instead he whispered into his microphone, “that’s so freakin’ awesome!”

My husband and I simultaneously whispered back, “Are you a Conservative?”

The young man cautiously looked around before nodding yes, then told that he “saw the light” after reading an Ann Coulter book. Of course, as with every other beautiful young Californian, our new Beiber-friend was also a struggling actor and had to stay hidden. He seemed so happy to meet “normal” people that I gave him my PolitiChicks card and asked him to get in touch with me so I can introduce him to other “normal” people.

Beiber was beaming when we left his counter.

I wish I could be happy about this but it’s instead such a devastating statement about how backwards things are in California! The constant bullying, veiled threats and rumors of blacklisting have literally driven Conservatives into hiding—not only in the entertainment industry but also in almost every large business in the state.

I have personally experienced the drawbacks of coming out of the Conservative closet and have lost dozens and dozens of friends over the past few years. Sometimes I’ve said “good riddance”; other times it flat-out hurts. Unfortunately this is what happens when you draw your line in the sand and I believe this is the only way we can ultimately win this battle.

California Conservatives (CC’s) out there, I urge you to let people know who you are every day, even if it’s in small, inconspicuous ways. Get out those American flag pins; wear Reagan and Breitbart shirts. If someone makes a comment—good or bad– proudly explain what you believe. And most importantly, please get behind our candidates on every level—local, state and national. You are needed like never before.

So let’s prove to the world we’re not as backwards as we seem, CC’s! There are more of us out here than you can imagine. Just wear a Breitbart t-shirt and you’ll see.