Breitbart News will host “The Uninvited” panel on Saturday at CPAC from 1 p.m to 3 p.m (National Harbor Room 4) and continue its tradition of leading conversations on issues the Republican establishment and the mainstream media refuse to address. These issues topics crony capitalism, illegal immigration, global jihad and radical Islam, the persecution of Christians across the globe, and the gutting of the American military.

These are not issues that only conservatives care about, but independents and Reagan Democrats as well. When Republicans speak to these Americans, they win majorities. When Republicans speak to Washington’s elite, they get hammered.
Speakers will include Former Attorney General of the United States Michael Mukasey and Peter Schweizer, president of the nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute. Panelists will include Robert Spencer, Dan Goure, Nina Shea, Rosemary Jenks, Frank Gaffney, and Pamela Geller. And there will be an emphasis on audience participation and interaction.
Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov said, “Andrew Breitbart never shied away from tackling controversial issues” and “understood that people need vigorous and sustained discussion and debate to make their own informed decisions. It is in Andrew’s spirit that we are proud to host this event.”

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon added that “The Uninvited” is about the “direct engagement and participation by the CPAC audience” because Andrew “believed in more voices, not less, and that is what this session will be about.”
“We will get as many people as possible to the microphone to ask their questions and engage our speakers,” Bannon said.
Daniel Greenfield recently blistered the Republican establishment in a recent piece titled, “Who Were The Geniuses Who Came Up With That One?”

Greenfield sardonically writes that the Republican establishment’s strategy for winning a majority in this country is to “nuke their own grassroots by raising money to attack deviant Tea Party candidates and protect true conservatives who support amnesty, tax shelters and tax hikes,” even though the Tea Party “was responsible for the first Republican victories since 2004.”

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