It was a dark day when the collaborating countries decided on creating a union of the world’s countries into a “cohesive” conglomeration; at least it was hoped to be cohesive. Never.
Worse yet, the United States, in all its benevolence, agreed to host this monstrosity and, furthermore, build a gigantic monument to its depravity. They should have seen then that it was nothing more than a Trojan Horse. It’s interesting that the 9/11 terrorism took out the World Trade Center, sparing the U.N.
Building to continue its objective of housing all the other parties dedicated to the destruction of their host. As Mr.Santorum so aptly stated: “This international regime is filled with thugs and dictators who walk the halls of the U.N. headquarters in New York plotting to undermine our values, our freedom, and our sovereignty.” It’s too bad that the organizing “committee,” meeting in San Francisco, decided to locate in New York City, rather than San Francisco. Then perhaps it could have added just enough weight to the peninsula to seek sea-level. I doubt that Southern California would have shed any tears.

I can’t say that the premise for establishing a forum to seek answers to the world’s problems was in error. However, in succeeding years it has been rather apparent that cobbling together so many different cultures, involving a like amount of egos, expecting miraculous solutions is about like mixing vast amounts of used coffee grounds with a like amount of good Southern California orange juice and expecting an apple pie; just doesn’t work. It should have tweaked some thinkers when they decided to establish the “Economic and Social Council.” What good could come of that? Well, we have seen the results in recent years, and they aren’t good. It is now their chief aim to interfere in all countries that are asleep at the wheel, to impose social customs adverse to their history. To force “rights” to children, including abortion, even against the will of their parents. Their agenda, I dare say, is not ours. Nor
should it be.

To say that the vast majority of its members actually hate the United States, is to put it mildly. And we seem to believe that the more money we pour into it the more these countries will love us. How nice. The past several years, now, the underlying effort in those august halls seems to be even to challenge the
sovereignty of our country by attempting to pass universal laws that would subject our country to the will of the likes of the Chavez’s and Ahmadinejad’s of the world. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) alone, would curtail our ability to drill for offshore oil and many other activities relating to mining,
fishing, etc. Bad company; bad objectives; and bad visitor to our shores. And we pay the bill.

Underway for decades now, has been an effort to evict the United Nations from our shores. Never successful, but the thought abides in the hearts and minds of many. Perhaps we could sneak this horse into Moscow…or Tehran…We should give it more