The flurry of ‘good’ advice for Republicans, from political commentators following the debacle that was November 6th, especially those on the left, if followed, is a recipe for continued conservative failure. They always seem to know what’s best for us and invariably recommend that the Republican Party should ‘moderate” its views and become more inclusive, whatever that means. Moderate to what? another socialist party? No thanks, we already have one.


What we, as conservatives, failed to promote is that the prosperity and the good life we enjoyed for so many years, making America the draw of all the world, was the fruit of Western Civilization; the implementation of Judeo-Christian laws of behavior, and the social rules that guided our conduct toward each other in our daily dealings. It resulted in the highest expression of happiness, the development of capitalism and the system of free enterprise where anyone had the opportunity to succeed, without guarantees, but with the promise of personal achievement, the dreams of the people who came to America in the first place. All gone now!


What we all saw coming and didn’t resist was the fact that our American principles have been in a fifty year death struggle with socialism. Life was good for us and we accepted that nothing could happen to us here in America. Our values, on religion, sex, entitlements vs, hard work, were consistently undermined by educators in our public schools whose advise to us, as parents, was that we had to be inclusive, accept diversity and multiculturalism and share our crayons. White Americans were told we were clearly guilty of racism, sexism, and elitism and our so called politically conservative politicians, in a frenzy of accommodation, worked hard to “just get along”, to view compromise as hands across the aisle, and all that silly nonsense, as good for our country. We never defended our principles and by capitulation, agreed to theirs.


We had four years to see the dangers up close and personal and shout out those dangers to everyone but we approached this election as business as usual. Well, “Hope and Change” finally came to us on November 6th in the clear form of National Socialism, aka: Fascism. Make no mistake, the Affordable Health Care Act is a fascist blue print for a totalitarian dictatorship. The NDAA, signed, I would like to remind you, by our two senators, authorizes that the fascist dictator can, at the civil disturbance of his choosing, declare martial law and commence the arrests of Americans who disagree with him and his policies, labeling them as terrorists whose indefinite incarceration will be necessary for the protection of the state.


Those not incarcerated will all be taxed into penury and the “useful idiots” that made it possible still don’t see the danger that’s coming, even for them. Too late will they realize that “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last” (Churchill).  Make no mistake, the “Left” won this contest and are now consolidating their gains through such odious groups as the EPA , DoJ, USDA, DHS, HHS, and others. They are not going to give up quietly regardless of any future elections. They will desperately cling to every vestige of power and authority they can muster, including incarceration on trumped up charges, to maintain that preeminence. They will continue the downward spiral of education by continuing to turn out illiterate workers to fill the voter and union rolls of their earthly paradise and, they are well organized to do just that.


Facts are stubborn things; and regardless of our desires, despite our most passionate inclinations, our deepest prayers and wishes, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. One truth remains however: The US Constitution is still there, unused, but waiting for us.