Republicans hate women. Throughout the 2012 Presidential campaign the Democrats, the Liberal media and Sandra Fluke told me so. They claimed that people like myself, conservatives and/or Republicans are after women-and not in the fun, I need a cigarette afterwards kind of way. No, we are after women’s rights and freedoms. We want to send our women back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant and silent.


I don’t see this war the way Miss Fluke and her like-minded liberal friends do.  They would have us believe, for example, that if contraceptives and abortive drugs aren’t provided to women free it’s because conservatives and Republicans are against “women’s health”. Folks with a brain saw it as pandering for the female vote, which is all it was.


I think we might agree, though, that there IS a REAL war on women under way. It’s been going on for fifty years! The casualties are women, men, families, and our culture. Who started the “war on women”? Women and liberals, of course!


Remember “Women’s Lib”, bra burnings and all? Feminism and the feminist movement fired the first shots in this war and they’ve kept the fight going. Some parts of the fight were a long time coming. Things like equal pay for equal work seem a no-brainer to me. There were many such issues facing women that needed dealing with but it was taken too far. Feminism isn’t about being feminine. It’s about losing your femininity.


Women were being told by their own that they’d been doing it all wrong. They’d become “subjects” to men. Women were suddenly being told that staying home and raising children and taking care of that home is beneath them. They are being used by their selfish husbands and have no life of their own, no career, no money, no freedom. They were told they SHOULD have a career or they are LESS a woman. Those men opening doors for them and giving up a seat on the subway for them…they’re chauvinist pigs…not to be trusted. The feminists did a great job of convincing women that their previously accepted roles at home and in society were forced on them by bitter, selfish men. Women listened, and forgot who they really are.


Fifty years later we have one screwed up society and why not? Women play the most important of roles in society. I said roles, plural. Among them are:

  1. Carrying and caring for our children
  2. Keeping men from killing themselves and each other
  3. Forcing males to grow up and actually become men
  4. Give men a purpose in life


Feminism and women’s lib made women question EVERYTHING about their roles in life. That’s fine. The problem is that feminists have made women feel that if they WANT to be a “housewife” (a four letter word it seems so now we say “stay at home mom”) they are idiots and bad for the “women’s rights movement”. Take that, ladies!



Feminism told women to leave home, get a job, have a career, put your kids in daycare, smoke long thin cigarettes, drink man drinks, be promiscuous. Girls learn early that boys want sex and they want it now. Girls used to keep the boys at arms length and had the upper hand. Feminism taught them to actually act like boys! Give it up ladies! Give the boys what they want but on your terms. The terms used to be “I’ll say when” but now they are “Aw go ahead”.


My Grandmothers were housewives. My Mom was a career woman AND housewife (my father wasn’t much of a breadwinner) but we kids were babysat by our Grandmother…not daycare. My wife was mostly a housewife (she worked part-time). She stayed home with our kids while I worked and I was with them at night when she worked. WE raised our kids.


If we had both worked full time we would likely have more “stuff”. More money, more vacations, fancier house, better cars……but we didn’t and don’t care about that. We have two great kids who were raised right. My wife and I are still married, in love and happy. With all my wife has done to make a great home and take care of us she told me recently that she feels like a bit of a failure for not having a career that contributed to our financial life, that we could have more if she did. Well that makes me angry because she only did EVERYTHING. I can’t stand that feminism from the last 50 years has burrowed into her psyche and makes her feel bad about her life.


If a woman wants to have a career, fine. If a woman wants to stay home and take care of home and family where do the fems and libs get off making them feel less a woman for it? Witness the comment about Ann Romney from Hillary Rosen. Rosen claimed that Ann Romney shouldn’t talk about economic issues since she’d never worked a day in her life. No, she only raised five great kids and kept her home. She can’t possibly know about work, right? There’s the attack on women. Be what the feminists tell you. They know better. You housewives are such sheep, such losers.


Women have the most important job in the world. It doesn’t earn money or cars. It doesn’t have a thing to do with material goods. Women are what men live for. Most men want a woman that’s a woman: Caring, loving, supportive, sexy, hard working, stable, and a MOM to their kids. When women left home at the command of feminists and liberals the sacrificial lamb was the family. We are paying for it everywhere and the costs are rising yet. My wife took care of our kids, our home and me. There is no career as difficult.


Women, men miss you. Please come back home if you can. If you aren’t there to keep the family together, the home going, the kids on the right path……well, just look at society. The war on women has come from feminists and liberals. The war continues.