When conservatives lose elections or limp along in polls, those without the best interests of the conservative movement at heart insist it to be a clarion call for policy moderation or ideological dilution. The reason for this is simple. The twin seeds of conservative philosophy-economic liberalism and social conservatism, or capitalism and Christianity, have proven to create the most fertile soil for human achievement.

If one of, or either is absent, diminished, or diluted in any nation, the polity suffers correspondingly. This is no hypothesis; this is fact. Evidence of this is dearly abundant. Yet the political left, in perpetual search for the elusive utopian society, find enormous discomfort with this. Even if the evidence speaks to them, they ignore it, or contest the definitions or extent of the two seeds.

Freedom and opportunity are the fruits of Christianity and capitalism. Those fruits have been and are also the number one reason that people choose to make America home. It is why, traditionally, immigrants to America have adopted their new country as identity more quickly than anywhere else in the world: their eagerness and pleasure at consuming those fruits. And yet, the Republican Party, responsible for the protection and continuation of harvest, allows itself to be painted as the party unrepresentative of these groups, and suffers electorally from those enjoying its labor most.

Outrageous, it is. The GOP is the natural party for the recent immigrant. Minorities more than any other group desire economic and social mobility. There are so many wonderful success stories of people who came with nothing and ended up with everything. The Republican Party believes in providing unconditional opportunity to allow the pursuit of happiness; the Democrats don’t.

From the Indian-American hotel operators of Montgomery to the Asian-American shopkeepers of Los Angeles to the Hispanic-American small business owners, the only leadership that will benefit them is a genuinely conservative one (forgive the hyphenation, there should be no such thing as a hyphenated American; it is merely used here for written illustrative purpose). If you’re a black, brown, yellow or white entrepreneur or small business owner in America voting for the Democratic Party, you ain’t right, as they say in some parts.

The Democratic party, the vehicle of the secular progressive left, in its ideology, limit human achievement through economic and cultural interference, founded on green planks of envy. This intervention make processes for individuals cumbersome at best, and render impossible certain accomplishments, at worst.

There is only one party that truly understands and believes in American exceptionalism. That should remain the Republican Party, and it should continue to be unafraid to proclaim its existence. If, as today’s Democrats (note the use of ‘today’) often suggest and certainly behave, America is simply another country, then the millions that desperately seek or have sought American citizenship, legally and illegally, are greatly at odds with their political masters.

Opportunity and freedom to climb economically and socially should be the frame of all future Republican campaigning, both in advocacy and attack. In detail, and in practical application, the simple mathematics must be made clear: if you devitalize the traditional seeds of America, you devitalize the traditional fruits of America. They end up tasting rather like the fruit of other nations. And that’s just the type they were intent on escaping.