It was midnight.  My friends and I chuckled at the tubby man who entered the theater in a full Batman costume.  I was exhausted and excited to escape into the city of Gothica and watch the hero save the town from terror once again.  Three hours later, I got into bed and thought about the amazing movie I had just experienced.  Imagining myself as Catwoman, I slowly dozed off.  As I dreamt, 12 people were killed and hundreds lived through a real life horror scene.  “James Holmes walked into a theater, shot and killed 12 people.  You’re never going to the movies again,” said my mother.  A boyfriend, a father, a soon-to-be mother and nine other lives were taken by the hand of one evil man.


I was shocked that I was not shocked when my mom told me this news.  I was numb.  Every day we hear of stabbings and shootings, innocent and unfinished lives coming to an end.  I’ve never enjoyed watching bloody and violent movies or TV shows.  And, I’ve always been against video games such as Grand Theft Auto and all the others in which the death of people raises your score.  I’ve always taken pride in the fact that Dateline is my favorite TV show and I.D. is the only channel I watch.  I figured that it was classified under “educational TV” and I was learning how to avoid bad situations and protect myself.  But, was that just a sweet lie to cover the fact that I was getting entertainment out of people’s true nightmares?


I was born and raised to be a believer and follower of Christ and I’m so thankful to have grown up surrounded by people who know the truth, but what about the kid who didn’t grow up like me; who never heard of Jesus;  whose parents were physically, or sexually abusive; whose parents were never together, whose parents he or she never knew?  They will also watch violent TV shows, and play popular videos games, and see the movie Batman, but their minds, unable to decipher between right and wrong, might see the Joker as the hero instead of Batman.  Their hero thinks human suffering is just a movie scene or another fifty points.


The word “Life” is losing its meaning.