They want to take away your guns. Make no mistake, this is not just a little screaming and shouting. The liberals see an opening and, backed by the power of the President and the financial support of the likes of George Soros, they are going to try to pry that opening into a hole for your guns to fall through. The infamous liberal battle cry, “never let a good crisis go unused”, has never been more in play, than it is right now. And if you believe it is to “protect the children” you are gullible beyond words.

Of course the press is playing their role as comic relief in this pageant. Now we all know that Chicago has about the most stringent gun laws in the country. You can’t have a legal gun in Chicago unless you are law enforcement, a politician, or a campaign contributor. But last weekend five people were shot to death in that fair city in one day. If it wasn’t for a news source much hated by the President the story would never have gotten out. Meanwhile in cities like Miami and Dallas, where gun laws are more reasonable, peace reigned.

They want the guns because they want control. The liberal politicians fear that if they go over the line they could cause an insurrection. I doubt their logic because American mostly just want their freedom and to be left alone. Even those that own guns. I suppose it is possible that even the most peaceful among us have limits. Even today, as over reaching and interfering as the government is, we are far from that point. Americans prefer votes to bullets. That has worked for over two-hundred years.

The NRA is a staunch bulwark against the gun grabbers. They know the politics and the politicians. What they do, they do very well. We all owe them our thanks. But I think that gun owners, for their own protection, should be a little more circumspect. Don’t talk about your guns. Don’t show people your guns. Keep, at least some of them, tucked away where they won’t be visible. In other words prepare for the worst. There are so many guns off the grid out there they could never succeed. That doesn’t mean they won’t try. To succeed they would have to declare martial law and have the military do house to house sweeps. I understand the Army already has “Standards and Practices” in place for this possibility. If they started that, ninety percent of the guns in the country would be wrapped in plastic and buried under hedgerows within a day.

The crazies shooting up schools are making the headlines. They will not be affected by gun laws. If they can’t get a gun they’ll build a bomb or a Molotov cocktail. There is always a way to create havoc if you are so inclined. If you don’t know how, go to the internet. You can learn.

The main source of bloodshed in the country is gangs. They are well armed and always will be because they will smuggle them into the country just like they do drugs. If the government was serious about improving the lives of those in the cities by making them safer they would eradicate the gangs. Why do we not hear more talk from our politicians about that?

Somehow we have to turn things around. We have to find a way to force politicians to be better conservators of our country. We deserve better than the power hungry fools that populate our government today. If we don’t find a way, slowly but surely we will become Euramerica.