This is a story I felt the need to share for several reasons, perhaps it’ll help everyone in some small way understand the life of a cop.

This goes back some 25 years or so.

I was working on assignment to a drug task force but had been recalled to work uniform for a couple of days. We were already short handed, had a guy on vacation and a couple more had called in sick.

We usually worked in 4-6 man squads but for this week, it was just me and my buddy, Don, working the nightshift for the entire town by ourselves.

It didn’t take long before we were both tied up on calls at the same time. Don was in the middle of a tough domestic call and needed back up, before I could get to him I got a fight call so we were both on our own.

We made it through those calls, even though I had to take one of my prisoners to the hospital instead of jail; he came after me and I had to put him on the ground.

It was after that when we decided to park one of the cars and ride together, that way we wouldn’t be completely alone and would know whatever back up was available would be standing next to us. We didn’t know it at the time, but one of the drug task force agents from the Sheriff’s Department was in our office listening to taped wire taps. Without me working, there wasn’t much for him to do by himself. His name was Ricky.

Around 1:00am things had gotten quiet so we stopped in one of the 24 hr grocery stores to grab something to drink and just check in with them to make sure everything was OK. As we were walking back to the car, we heard what sounded like several gunshots from the other side of town.

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