The ObamaMedia is beside itself right now .. it can’t seem to understand why or how Barack Obama’s economic policies aren’t translating into jobs and growth.  This must be the case because they seem to be caught quite off-guard with all of these “unexpected” jobs figures.  Unwilling to blame their savior, Barack Obama, they are now trying to come up with other ways to justify this lousy economy.

I know … let’s blame the Republicans!

Take a look at this headline: Are Republicans Intentionally Sabotaging Economy For Political Gain? Can you believe that?  The headline doesn’t ask if Democrats are scaring the diapers off old ladies for political gain.  Not, it’s the Republicans sabotaging the economy.

Even though the Democrats held the presidency and the Senate since 2009 (the Democrats have held both houses from 2007 until last year), somehow it is all the Republicans’ fault.  The Democrats haven’t presented a budget in how many years now?  And it’s the Republicans who are sabotaging the economy?

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