Here are some of the bad repercussions of Obama’s victory:

1. Decline in pay for doctors

Medicare pays doctors only a small fraction of the work they put in. So if she does $100.00 worth of work, Medicare sends him $20.00 or $25.00. Is it any wonder that doctors pad the bill? One of my students who works in a doctor’s office said in class she’s in charge of billing, and it’s “totally true” that Medicare pays doctors only a fraction of what they did.

2. Yes, Virginia, there really is a death panel

Yes, supposedly to save costs, a panel of bureaucrats will decide, for example, that a 60-year-old cancer patient will not get chemotherapy. It’s too costly, and younger patients need it. Elderly, go home and take a pill. If you believe the Independent Payment Advisory Board’s cost-cutting measures won’t ration medical care, which will involve life and death decisions at the end of the bureaucratic process, you still believe in the tooth fairy.

3. Millions will still be Uninsured

Remember the reason for ObamaCare? Millions were uninsured. How could that be justice, according to utopian leftists? It turns out, however, that millions will still be uninsured.

The CBO reports:

CBO and JCT now estimate that the ACA, in comparison with prior law before the enactment of the ACA, will reduce the number of nonelderly people without health insurance coverage by 14 million in 2014 and by 29 million or 30 million in the latter part of the coming decade, leaving 30 million nonelderly residents uninsured by the end of the period (see Table 3, at the end of this report). Before the Supreme Court’s decision, the latter number had been 27 million. (Source)

For more about the grim results, read Jeffrey H. Anderson’s article “CBO: Obamacare to Cost $1.930 Trillion,” Leave 30 Million Uninsured

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