Well America, 68 United State Senators voted to give legal status to at least 11 million illegal aliens and their families today despite the fact that their phones, fax machines and emails were full of demands to vote against this unconstitutional bill. Over the past week we have gotten a little taste of what may be in store for us as a result of this treachery. Of course our senators didn’t read the 1200 pages of legislation so they have no clue, nor, do they care. In fact it may be fair to say that the entire vote, like the Supreme Court decision on homosexual marriage is based on nothing more than the false ideology of social justice. It’s unfair that Americans are so wealthy you see, so we have to give up everything we have WORKED FOR in order for things to be fair. So far it has been reported that the bill will give incentive to employers to hire immigrants over American citizens. This is because there is no fine for failing to provide health care to immigrants. You see the game they are playing here? Today before the vote, Ted Cruz pointed out that there is actually a provision in the bill which will penalize employers $5000 for hiring Americans over immigrants. http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/06/ted-cruz-exposes-amnesty-bill-5000-penalty-for-hiring-citizens-over-legalized-aliens/
Many people that find their head is not spinning off of their shoulders are probably wondering why our elected officials are doing this to us. Folks, this is the very definition of social justice in the eyes of the left. They believe that the EVIL, GREEDY, CAPITALISTIC WHITE MAN stole the entire south western United States from Mexico and this is their way of sticking it back to us. The truth is we bought that land after the Mexican American war as Save America author J.D. Longstreet so elegantly describes here. http://www.saveamericafoundation.com/2013/02/28/we-didnt-steal-it-we-bought-it-by-j-d-longstreet/ This is why our students are being indoctrinated into a world with a “no borders” ideology and everything they are exposed to in school revolves around the world’s ills being the fault of capitalism. People have to be trained to stop looking out for their own interests, which of course is selfish, and adapt the group think mentality in order to save the planet.
I think over the course of the next several weeks we are going to see president Obama turn his community organizing skills into high gear as House Speaker Boehner vows to keep this bill from coming to the floor until it has equal support from both parties. This is a game because I believe Obama wants to campaign on this issue in order to destroy the Republican opposition, if there even is such a thing. These types of tactics are typical of the Alinsky method of community organizing. After all, the first paragraph in the first chapter of Rules for Radicals has Saul Alinsky admitting the purpose of the book is to teach the supposed have-nots how to take power from the “haves.” In this case it is the Mexicans who are the “have not’s” and the Americans who are the haves. (If you are a liberal who has a difficult time understanding this concept just realize that the poorest in America still represent some of the richest in the world.) What many of Obama’s blind supports don’t realize is that they have been intentionally blinded and conditioned to willingly surrender their individuality while their “pop culture” icon of a president took their money and gave it to a group of militant illegal immigrants known as La Raza to demand amnesty. http://jcrue.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/team-obama-hearts-la-raza/ This may put a whole new spin on operation fast and furious folks as it seems likely that the drug cartels were being armed for the purpose of invasion while the destruction of the second amendment was merely a distraction. Let’s also not forget that the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, signed by George W. was one agreement of many that led us down the path toward a “North American Union.” http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/row/RS22701.pdf The North American Free Trade Agreement was another.
Whatever the case may be the fact remains that we have a rogue government that is currently acting out of a sense of emotions and falsehoods instead of according to the rule of law and the constitution. I think its due time we stop begging them to vote our way and start showing them that bills and laws that pass without being read are bills and laws that we have no mandate to follow because they are unconstitutional. They are OUR REPRESENTATIVES, not Mexico’s, not the Muslims or the U.N.’s for that matter. If they are going to pander to these groups while ignoring the will of those they are supposed to be serving than I say we should be ignoring the laws they pass.