All right so, folks, in all of this analysis of what’s going to happen in the next two years based on the tax deal and the omnibus spending bill going down the tubes, this is not 1994.  I think a lot of analysts are forgetting this is a wholly different electorate now.  The Tea Party, these people are aware.  These people know full well what’s going on here.  This not the same old duped public that watches NBC and CBS and ABC, believes everything they see there anymore.  A lot of the people disagreeing with me in the e-mail, their opinion centers on the fact that the voting public’s a bunch of idiots and two years from now they’re not gonna remember any of this and it’s all gonna be politics-as-usual, Democrats outsmarting us here.  I think it’s a different era.  I think people are more involved, their country’s future has been spent down the drain.  These people are desperate.  They’re gonna demand that health care be repealed; they’re gonna demand that all this spending be scotched.  

Look at the outrage over the earmarks.  “That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh, but while your people were sandbagged looking at the spending and the earmarks, look at all the spending that took place in the tax deal that they got snookered with.”  They didn’t get snookered.  They were opposed to it, and in great numbers they were opposed to it.  But the spending, they’re reporting, the tax deal here: “The bill’s cost, $858 billion, would be added to the deficit, a sore spot among budget hawks in both parties.” This is from the AP.  Now, the AP just can’t help but keep lying about the cost of this bill.  Extending Bush tax rates in place for ten years costs nothing.  Steny Hoyer: “I know that we are going to borrow every nickel in this bill.” Oh, come on, Steny, we’re not fools anymore.  You want to worry about all the borrowing for this stupid tax bill?  What about the $1.3 trillion omnibus? We don’t have the money for anything we’re doing.  Everything is gonna be borrowed or printed, and of that $858 billion, by the way, $700 billion is the tax rates.  It’s not gonna cost us $700 billion.  These tax rates have been in place for ten years.  It’s not a new cost.

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