It seems that the most dangerous place to be in the military is
not in the field of battle, but in the classroom.  One has to
wonder where and what our military personnel are being taught and
subjected to in these “days of enlightenment.”  I suggest that
the primary reason for armed forces, at least in this country, is
protection of our shores, citizens and resources.  Straying from
this objective has led us into too many quagmires.  Instruction
used to be that we were taught to fight to win, and there was no
alternative: surrender was not an option.  War against our
enemies, who, incidentally, attacked us first, was an incredible
undertaking and when we finally won, with unbelievable human
sacrifice, we rebuilt their nations with our own resources.  It
was the Christian thing to do.  Jesus Christ said to “bless them
that curse you, do good to them that hate you.”  (Matt 5:44 KJV)
We have the countries of Germany and Japan today that serve as
examples of our application of Biblical principles.  Yet, the
military of today seems to despise these very principles.

Apparently, military officers of higher ranks, cannot think for
themselves anymore.  When one person complains of such an
inconsequential thing of being “blessed” by another, it is an
occasion for a military tribunal.  Anything even close to
scriptural principles comes under attack with a vengeance.
Public prayer by a chaplain, mind you, is reason for reprimand
and even removal.  That’s akin to rebuke for a soldier for
carrying a rifle.  Most recently, November 20, Chaplain Joe
Lawhorn was conducting a class of soldiers in suicide prevention.
After handing out material with resources for combating this
danger, which also included Biblical resources from his own
depression experiences, one in the class objected with a letter
to the command.  The officer in charge of the Command, Col. David
Fivecoat, immediately reprimanded the Chaplain for the
“objectionable” Scripture included.  And the class was a group of
Army Rangers, who, one would think, were brave enough to combat
such an attack!  So, one enemy in the unit gets the Chaplain
dismissed.  Now what are we to think of the leadership of our
brave military personnel who don’t have the guts to tell this
objector to just “live with it.  It might save your life
someday.”  But no, he shoots the messenger.  Great job, Colonel!

Well, obviously, it comes from the top.  And that top is so
shaky as to cause great concern about where today’s military is
headed.  With a CIC who despises our military to the point of
giving a soldier a “sandwich salute,” the message seems to be
“written on the wall.”  It may have started with the Clinton
Whitehouse, where anything related to the military, FBI or CIA
was absolutely despised by Hillary and her front-man.  And our
present occupier of the seat has disdain written all over his
record.  His main mission seems to be the destruction of law
itself.  It was obvious even before he instigated the rewriting
of the (UCMJ) Uniform Code of Military Justice to elevate
homosexuality as the acceptable behavior and ranking it higher
than Christian ethics.  Can anything good come out of this
administration?  The military needs officers with high morals and
a comprehension of what it is that leads to right or wrong.  If
they can’t come to grips with the wisdom of the greatest book of
ethics, morals and behavior ever written, they should never be
commissioned.  And neither should they ever hold the highest
office in the land.