I know where I was standing when I heard it.

My first thought was “foul play.”  He exposed Weiner, who is best friends with the Clintons, who have a reputation for disappearing people.  He exposed ACORN, and Pigford and told everyone at CPAC 2012 he was about to reveal something about Obama.  My second thought was simply “exhaustion from saving the world.”  My last thought was “I love him.”

Andrew was a tornado of truth and I was in awe of him.

(Video courtesy of Mr. Pinky)

He was always in a hurry.  I said, “You created the Huffington Post?!”  He said, “And, I only made $ 250,000.”  Once I asked him if I could tell the story of the night I spent in his house.  He said loudly, “I don’t care what people say about me!  All press is good press!” or something to that effect.

Barreling down the 210 freeway, in 2009, mentally going over my notes, because I was to give my third political speech, (how did that happen?), my cell phone rang. It was Breitbart! How did he have my number?! I barely knew him. In CA it’s illegal to talk on the phone while you are driving so I kept checking my rear view mirror, while speeding, so, double breaking the law. Andrew said something like, “It’s so great what you are doing! You are like the average housewife who has never been political and is suddenly fighting for freedom! You will inspire so many people. You will go down in history, not only as one of the first who changed Los Angeles from a 100% liberal town to an at least 50 – 50 town, but who also saved America!” His words were more erudite than that and he did go off on random tangents, but that was the gist of the call. He was encouraging me. This was such a strange thing for Los Angeles. People compete, they don’t encourage.

I stammered, “WW..ell, th,th,thank …wait a minute, can I ask you one thing before you hang up? Can I say Obama is a “Communist”? Is that technically correct? I mean, everyone says “Marxist” but Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto, so what’s the difference? Is McCarthyism scaring people away from the C word? I just want to be correct, you know, the left wants to discredit… Breitbart replied, “Well, the Marxist, uh, Communism is…well, it’s…Victoria, just say whatever you want to say.” Click.

Oh, yeah. This is a free country. I can say whatever is on my mind. Who am I afraid of? The left?! I took Andrew’s words as an endorsement. A validation. Confirmation. And, he was a “news junkie since childhood” so, he must know.

Around 11 p.m. while wrapping up Troopathon 2011 in Yorba Linda, Andrew asked me to be his “sidekick” the next morning at 5 a.m. while he filled in for Dennis on the Dennis Miller Radio Show.  Because my house was two hours away in Acton, Andrew called his wife and asked her if I could spend the night to save me money on a hotel room.

His beautiful home was full of great art, an attractive, laid back wife, with no fat on her body, 4 adorable kids, and a hamster.  His backyard was The National Cemetery.  He pulled back the curtains and said, “Here are the Chiclets.”  I saw rows and rows of little white gravestones perfectly aligned.  Then he said solemnly, “Every morning I wake up and am grateful to the men and women who died for my freedom.  My neighbors planted big trees to cover up the cemetery so they couldn’t see it.”   I looked to either side and saw what he was talking about.

In his living room, I said, “Andrew, did you tell Susie your book title yet?”  He had been eating pulled pork that day, as he put it, and suddenly it hit him, the title for his new book.

“Oh, yeah,” his face lit up.

“RIGHTeous IndigNATION, with the RIGHT and NATION in bold print.”

Silently her face said, ‘that’s perfect.’  They were close and loud exclamations were not needed.  She approved.  She was proud of him.  She respected him.  He felt her affirmation.   I was embarrassed, so I excused myself to sleep.  On my pillow, Susie had left a magazine, a chocolate and a loving welcome note.

At my fourth Tea Party, Pasadena City Hall, I sang “There’s a Communist Living in the White Hosue,” with my uke and Breitbart, the headliner, was heckled by a drunk, paid union counter-protestor. Breitbart blew him away, “What have I said that’s racist?!  Name one thing!…”  Then Andrew went off on some 30 minute diatribe that made sense in a weird Alice in Wonderland kind of way.

Breitbart published my first political blog on Big Hollywood and then let me continue documenting my adventures as a beginner political activist.  He gave me the courage and opportunity to stand up for my beliefs.  When I was offered money to blog for someone else, I called him and he graciously said, “Go with the dough, go with the dough.”

He was always too busy to have a real conversation, so when my friends at Courage, NH were shooting Andrew in his debut acting role, I volunteered to drive him two hours home from the set, just so I could be with his brain for an uninterrupted dialogue.

He was on his Blackberry most of the time and then told me I was doing a terrible job at converting people to conservatism and Christianity.  Read the full account here.

I agreed with him and asked him how I could be better.  He lunged out of the car, late for dinner with his wife and children and friends who had been waiting, and said, “I want to continue this conversation.”

We never did.

I saw him briefly at CPAC 2012 where he looked up from his Blackberry long enough for this picture.  He had more scandals to uncover, more corruption to expose, and more people to encourage.

 Andrew, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller and me at CPAC Feb. 10, 2012

Andrew, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller and me at CPAC Feb. 10, 2012

After a lot of research and the help of my friends Professor Archie Jones, and Max Thelen, I’ve finally arrived at a sound bite that explains the difference between Marxism and Communism.  Wherever you are Andrew, is this correct?

Marxism is the theory. Communism is the implementation.

The implementation requires force because Marxism goes against human nature.  It severs cause from effect so the person faithful with his five talents does not receive the benefit of his faithfulness.  He does not reap what he sows.