There are few moments which can truly be said to be historic. This election will be one of those.

We Americans stand at a precipice, a line that divides our country’s past from its future as surely and sharply as a chasm across a washed-out road. Ahead of us is the future we were meant for. At our feet is the sucking void of socialism that threatens to pull us in.

The question is whether we will build a bridge and fulfill our promise, or will we jump off into the unknown and the darkness to see where it takes us?

The two men who would lead us to our fates could not be more different — one is solid, experienced and presidential; the other, the current office holder, is a wastrel, fool and a liar.

The current president would have us follow him off the cliff, leaping into the ash heap of history, into failed socialism and a tyranny of Orwell’s “more equal.”

The challenger has an eye on the horizon and at least a desire to help us reach it, but there is doubt whether he has the strength of character to carry us past the present danger.

For we find ourselves hindered, trapped by a false liberalism in the crushing, procrustean machinations of the twisted ogres in government, whose hearts are so full of fear and evil that they cannot see the good in America nor abide it to bloom.

Our current government is driven by the desires of malformed monsters whose thirst for power is only exceeded by their skill at thieving from a free people. Their lust for control is the brutish avatar, ultimately, of their cowardice. They fear their own insignificance even while urging others to accept perpetual mediocrity.

The leader of this pantheon of termagants is not truly commander in chief so much as he is the Handicapper General, appearing in the nick of time to erase Harrison Bergeron at gunpoint from the collective memory and put us all back in our place.

He and his ilk are the hydra, a cunning serpent who bars our way. His words are seductive, promising ease and comfort and whatever-you-will. He promises a light burden if we only follow him: “Do what you will shall be the whole of the law.”

Just step off the edge and let gravity and government do the work.

We follow at peril of our country’s life.

Our destiny is not to be one among many in the dark but to be a light to others, an inspiration and a hope for all mankind. Though we have fallen short, it was for this purpose that our country was created.

Liberty is the manifestation of the deepest nature of all mankind, that we are made in the image of God, and by God’s grace we shall be free. We knew this once, and that knowledge made us bold, made us humble, made us good, made us great.

But we have traded our freedom of late for the false security of buffet religion and foreign philosophies. Or, more frequently, we have turned our backs on our Creator altogether and worshipped our own shadows, accepting chains for false promises of a man-made, communal paradise.

But other men are not Americans, we brave few who in all the history of the world who are among a small number who placed faith in God and dared to be free. The chains of socialism appear as gold, but they are chains nonetheless.

Until such time as all men cherish freedom, America must rule herself and accept that those who bow to power make poor presidents.