If you are sick and tired of hearing that our oppressive government “can’t wait to,” and “has no choice but to” do whatever the oppressive government wants to do – raise your hand. Oh, I see well over half of the hands in America up for that question, and it’s a good sign. It means less than half of us are brain dead.

The current meathead occupying the White House takes the position, boiled down to its essence, that if the Congress and judiciary do not agree with his policies and facilitate them, then he has the inherent power to do whatever he wants. One can infer from this that he believes Congress opposing bad policies is “doing nothing,” and Congress in its majority blocking his will is also “doing nothing.” This guy has rewritten the rules and definitions all by himself (with of course the input of his Evil Advisors). If the Republicans could only get their hands on the Senate it would be wonderful. They could take advantage of the new more permissive environment there that Harry Reid created with his use of the nuclear option to overturn historic precedent. That’s the problem with uprooting precedent and tradition – if you can’t hold on to power, you’re likely to end up at the other end of the gun you made.

Obama can and has also rewritten legislation for all us Americans by embedding non-law into regulations allowing him to execute the non-law. As for the judiciary, Mr. Obama doesn’t much care for their failure to take his will into account. He frequently denigrates the Supreme Court and implies its word does not constitute law, not necessarily and not if you don’t like it. This is how the totalitarians always operate. Nothing stops them. We should be prepared, should they gain that fifth seat on the Supreme Court, to see a lot of precedents tossed out.

What we are witnessing is a concerted, all-fronts assault on the America we once had. Obama’s intent is to undermine the independence of both courts and Congress, vastly expanding executive power and making it impossible to oppose policies dreamed up on high. It is certainly a fundamental transformation of the American way of life. We are becoming a highly-controlled public subservient to our government and beholden to it (many of us) for the means of subsistence. The government is inexorably narrowing our range of liberties, even of thought. All those evils that we read of in such books as Brave New World and 1984 have combined in ways unthinkable 20 years ago. I was such an ardent patriot for most of my life, I loved this country and was proud of it and wanted to defend it. Today we have become a swamp of the fundamentally unfree, because so many are unable to meet their own needs and many more don’t know or care about what is happening. Our face is becoming one that Hollywood offers us and the world, of misfits and freaks, who are now being replicated within our school system starting at the earliest age through “education” by adults in issues that should be banned from our educational institutes. The deviants among us exist and will always exist, and should not be punished for their way of being, but teaching these deviancies to children should be against the law throughout the country.

But it isn’t against the law of course, quite the contrary. And very little real education is going on in the schools either. It is all politics, all brain-washing, all the time. Our instructors are leading little kids in songs of adoration of Obama, or taking kids on a “field trip” to picket the Wisconsin state legislature. So we have for some time now been graduating virtual idiots, who can’t get past their private parts or the dope that fuels their mindless existences, who when questioned at random know the answers to no questions on their government, its activities, or those who lead them. But they know which party to vote for. And that’s all that matters.

This president is the figurehead of a clique of the ultra-rich like Bill Gates and George Soros and a whole slew of Silicon Valley geeks-who-got-rich. They want to use their wealth in political and social ways to reform America according to their personal ideals and corporate needs. Hence the stupid effort to push Common Core and the push for vastly expanded immigration. The New Left wants to force us into a system in which the productive slave for the lazy, the artistic, or the clever who know a good deal when they see one. They want to hammer down all those heads sticking up. They want a homogenously approving mass that only agrees and never opposes. They are rapacious in their appetite for restricting liberty. They are the Political Elite.

So far, we the more-than-majority aren’t being heard very well. The Tea Party just had a pretty great run racking up forty percent or more of primary voters, but the world hears that the Tea Party is over and everything is just peachy in the GOP. But we know better: the Republicans are contemptuous of those who resist the party’s drift into irrelevancy as Dem Lite and have worked actively against “the people” by resorting to such trickery as courting illegal Democrat voters to put their man over in an open primary. Our anger is washing up at the feet of listless Republican electees more anxious to strike deals than to lead or represent. Our efforts to mobilize and energize are shattered by disagreements over one issue or another, and the need to agree on everything or nothing. If we cannot unite, even temporarily and for the only cause that matters – our country’s future – we aren’t going to pull this off. We will continue down the socialist slope until nobody cares enough to protest anymore and the voices that now inspire us will be a forgotten thing of the past. I am not optimistic