The Tenth Amendment Center is reporting that Maine State Representative Aaron Libby (R-North Waterboro, above, left) “will sponsor a bill in the 2013 legislative session declaring the [ObamaCare] unconstitutional and void in the Pine Tree State. If passed, the bill would set the stage for blocking implementation of the mandatory federal health care system in Maine….”

Notably, Libby also sponsored a resolution calling on the president and Congress to clarify provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) infringing on the constitutional requirement of due process.

The story lists New Jersey and Oklahoma as two states where similar sovereignty-protecting bills will be proposed in the next legislative session.

In New Jersey, Assemblywoman Alison McHose (R-Morris, Sussex, and Warren, above, center) will re-introduce her bill to nullify ObamaCare in the Garden State.

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