The lies and deception perpetrated on the American people were exemplified on Capitol Hill this past week in two separate stories by the actions of the Democratic Senate and their liaison aka Gruber.

The biggest tragedy right now is the apathy and dereliction of the people of the United States with their lack of interest in what is happening to us as a nation. The second tragedy is that the House Congressional Republican Party headed by John Boehner, Speaker of the House, no longer represents the conservative views of Constitutional believing people who just voted them into a majority.

Jonathan Gruber is a contemptible little man who in his glib arrogance derided the American people but he told the truth about the making of Obamacare. It was through his Mea Culpa that he lied through his teeth at the hearing about his participation in forcing Obamacare on us through his deception, lies and lack of transparency. He didn’t make a mistake calling us stupid he made a decision to do it.

He was hired as an expert on the financial analysis of the potential implementation of the health care law yet on every question concerning his financial analysis Gruber dodged saying he knew nothing and could not recall saying or doing what was evidenced of him on video. On every substantive question put to him he failed to provide an answer. The self-proclaimed architect concerning the “financial modeling” avoided mentioning the money he (earned) from the taxpayers for his so-called expertise on the Obamacare model. He also denied being the architect for Romney care even though video captured of Obama specifically said that was why they employed him.

Democrats never learn, even today in court Gruber is still continuing to mislead the people he believes are stupid and won’t see through his testimony. He hasn’t repented. I believe he was coerced by this admin into obligatory character suicide to save Obamacare due to open season beginning this month.

Darrell Issa should score Gruber’s model and see how sound his economics are because premiums are going up this year in some cases 400%. If Gruber were to be videoed going rogue, admitting under oath that the subsidies were intentional and only allowed for (state operated) exchanges then presented as evidence to the Supreme Court in June some actual good would come out of this.

Based on the evidence we’ve seen thus far it is beyond any “reasonable doubt” that the Affordable Care Act was a deliberate attempt by the Obama administration to defraud the American people. Yet not one Republican lawmaker has called for “criminal proceedings”. The first one to be arrested should be Jonathan Gruber proving we the people are serious; next arrest Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and anyone else admitting to being architects of this law which can be gleaned from public records and videos.

The deception continues as the Obama sycophant Senate and Republican Rhino’s distract the nation from focusing on the “genesis of lies” aka Obamacare at Gruber’s testimony by throwing a hand grenade at the CIA. Senate Chair Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca) challenged the 911 interrogation program from 13 years ago with her amnesia of what it takes to actually defend Americans; revealing no new truths in her report she likely damaged and threatened the CIA’s reputation and the lives of our Military.

This action was too timely a collateral convenience, for no good reason, during the Gruber hearing except as a vindictive and purely political animus. Ms. Feinstein and her cohorts shameful selective outrage of clear pettiness, lack of morality and concern of any fallout to our soldiers’ lives from this report is absolutely breathtaking and could possibly be considered treason since we are at war!

Now that Obama has lost all control in the Congress, he has raised the ante using deliberate media biased propaganda and race politics to successfully divide and distract the nation even further from real issues needing attention including the new amnesty law no one is focusing on at present.

Under Al Sharpton’s racist rhetoric disguise he has indiscriminately placed a target on all white policemen’s backs as the new PC villains castigating and discrediting their legal authority. This very easily could be Obama and Eric Holder setting up our country for a civil war.

Diane Feinstein has done a similar thing on a larger scale by challenging the validity of the CIA in her report. CIA operatives and analysis are going to feel already tried and convicted on this matter; virtually rendering them to be inclined to (Not Do the things) it’s going to take to keep us safe here in America or in the battle against terror organizations proliferating across the Middle East.

While the election in November was a wave against the new Socialists party of America the Democrats, it’s not widely known that only 33.9% of the people who qualified to vote actually did. This is a 72 year low, the lowest percentage since 1942.

So while our country is in dire straits, only one-third of the people had any interest in how their country was being run. Sadly this statistic proves that most Americans today do not care to protect their freedoms and would be just fine with more Government control over their lives; more socialism or dictatorship and wouldn’t even realize that they were asking for it…Gruber stupid.

Based on the behavior and beliefs of the young Ferguson and New York protesters ideology of victimization, along with the attitude of the politicians on both sides and the apathy of the uneducated voters the door opens right into Communist style tyranny, which is exactly what we are heading for.

The words of Gruber as unpalatable as they were to swallow, suggests with 66% of the people not voting evidenced by a 72 year low turnout in the most corrupt regime in our history, that ironically he has succinctly described the PC indoctrinated Democrat’s living in America.

It’s time to clean house and throw out the Rhino fools on the Republican side pushing moderate candidates on our platform selling our country out. We are not extremists, we the people believe in freedom, accountability under constitutional laws, living within our means with opportunity unhindered by both corporate and political interests.

We have only two years to find our candidate who believes in and acts on these principles representing us and put him into the election process. We must plan together to strengthen our country and keep the Constitution in tack or we will fall into the abyss of tyranny that Obama warns is right around the corner.

Unfortunately, the odds of a Dictatorship far outweigh the return of Freedom especially if we don’t change the course which may cross the threshold to civil war. As Jefferson once said, “the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants!” Amen.