It seems that the House has been prodded to finally get serious about
a few matters.  However, past efforts to produce anything substantial
and effective have been less than noteworthy.  Perhaps the message is
beginning to take root.  If they can reduce the indefensible amount of
the welfare dependency, it will be commendable – I’ll hold my breath.

Whether or not they can cut the aforementioned travesty, they need
also to attack with fervor the rapacious EPA before it is allowed to
sink its fangs into almost everything American.  What the EPA is
intent on doing is nothing less than an attack on this country.
Attempting to literally shut down with draconian regulations, and
seemingly nothing to stop them, is tantamount to a foreign invasion.
If there is no other way to dismount their campaign, then the House
needs to shut off their water, also.  Better yet, cut the whole
office: then we can buy the bulbs we want; eat the food we want, and
put gas instead of corn juice in our autos…for a much cheaper price.

It was coal that built the Industrial Revolution.  Coal is still the
number one fuel creating the country’s vast energy usage; and it is
cleaner now than ever.  It doesn’t kill birds; windmills do.
Mandating increasing additives in gasoline is Devil’s work.  Thinking
we were going to vastly increase our supply of energy using edible
corn was definitely fool’s folly.  Beside diverting a huge percentage
of one of the most conspicuous and dependable food items off the
market to turn into gasoline was the most idiotic plan I’ve seen in my
lifetime.  When you think about it, it makes you laugh, if it weren’t
so serious…and just plain stupid.  You can’t grow corn in the
winter…on in the ocean…or in the arctic; but you can dig coal or
drill for oil 24/7.  And now that we are recovering more natural gas
than even the most respected minds three decades ago thought possible,
we should see our electric bills cut in half.  But because of the
$billions wastefully thrown at subsidizing “green energy” and the
constant trickle of new regulations, energy bills keep rising straight
up like smoke at the North Pole.  Defund the EPA.

What’s next?  Well, we could resurrect the effort to defund the
misnomered “Education Department.”  A greater waste of money is
difficult to find.  Education is worse now than it was in 1930!  That
was when teachers actually “taught.”  And, I might add, students
actually learned.  It wasn’t the “60’s” production of the brilliant
student minds that brought us the transistor and eventually space
flight itself.  And it wasn’t the trickle down “wisdom” from
Washington, DC…the folks that know it all.  No, it was teachers, who
were hired locally and answered to the parents whose children they
wanted to, and were hired to teach.  And more often than not, each
respected the other.  And the kids grew up – and built America.  If
anything, the Education Department is more at ripping apart parent-
student-teacher relationships and building their own Union retirement
plans.  Defund it, and spend the $billions saved to build and staff
better schools.  It would be money well spent.