Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ, a fact that drives liberals to distraction. For years now, the left has been chipping away at the religious foundation of Christmas trying to convert the holiday into a politically–correct, religiously-neutered non-event that celebrates nothing more significant than conspicuous consumption. Unfortunately, Christians who understand the real reason for the season have not been as vocal as they might have been in challenging the absurd anti-Christian mentality of liberals who find traditional Christmas celebrations offensive.

Before getting into the left’s war on Christmas, a caveat is in order. The left’s reaction to Christmas reveals much about the character—or lack of character—of liberals. People who find a certain activity offensive have the right to refuse to participate in it. For example, I don’t like yard sales, so I simply do not participate in them. I do not try to outlaw yard sales or tell other people they are not allowed to participate in them. But this tolerant approach is not sufficient for liberals who, by the way, claim to be models of tolerance but in reality are blatantly intolerant. Of course, when liberals talk about tolerance what they mean is they are tolerant of people who agree with them.

Supposedly tolerant liberals believe that if they don’t want to participate in an activity nobody should be allowed to participate in it. Liberals crave control more than anything else and, to a liberal, control means government coercion. In the 1960s, the mantra of liberals was “You do your thing and I’ll do mine.” In 2014 their mantra is “I’ll do my thing and everybody else will too.” They want Christmas to be devoid of religious overtones, not just for them and their families but for everyone.

The left’s war on Christmas got a real shot in the arm with the election of Barack Obama as president. In 2009, the Obama’s decided they would have a “non-religious” Christmas at the White House which, of course, was like saying they would serve sugar-free donuts. What is the point? They planned to forego such Christmas traditions as the Nativity Scene and instead provide the country with its first neutered, non-religious White House Christmas. The Obamas announced they wanted an “inclusive” Christmas, which any Christian or conservative knows is code for a Christmas that does not offend Muslims. However, when a Rasmussen poll showed that 76 percent of Americans were unhappy with Obama’s leftwing dilution of Christmas, the president—ever the politician—relented. Reluctantly and without fanfare, Obama agreed to allow, Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus to take their traditional place in the East Room. Christians won this battle, but the left is determined to win the war.

In addition to filing harassing lawsuits against municipalities that display manger scenes or other traditional Christmas messages, the left now attacks our traditional Christmas slogans. They are trying to coerce retail outlets, card companies, municipalities, and schools into replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” and Christmas vacation with “Winter Break.” The fundamental problem anti-Christmas liberals face is the term “Christ” in the name of the holiday. It is difficult to deny that Christmas is a celebration of Christ when “Christ” is the root word in the term. Sarah Palin refers to the ACLU and other liberal Scrooges who are trying to outlaw Christmas traditions as “angry atheists armed with attorneys.”

The Obamas lost the Christmas skirmish of 2009 and were forced to reluctantly display a traditional manger scene in the East Room. However, ardent opponents of Christianity don’t easily give up their anti-Christmas prejudice. In a new slap at Christmas, in 2012 the Obamas chose to forego the traditional family Christmas card from the White House, opting instead for a “holiday card” featuring their family dog Bo. This card probably says more about the beliefs of liberals than ten columns on the subject could. Liberals think more of their family dogs than they do of the baby Jesus and America’s Christmas traditions.

This is the time of year when the left’s war on Christmas goes into high gear. This being the case, it is imperative that those of us who know that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ stand up and be counted. Liberals are systematic, organized, and unrelenting in their attacks on Christmas. Christians must be just as committed and determined to protect our traditions and Christ’s birthday. When people say “Happy Holidays,” respond by saying “Merry Christmas.” If a retail outlet replaces Christmas slogans with “Happy Holidays,” shop elsewhere and let it be known why. Challenge anti-Christian liberals on every point, every time, in every case. Do not just sit back and take it as they do everything they can to rob Christmas of its true meaning.