In my life, like many people, I have struggled with the concept of God and Faith. I was raised Catholic. Had twelve years of parochial school. Was an altar boy. Once upon a time I knew my prayers in Latin.

I stopped going to church when I was about 16. I was bored with the whole thing and also beginning to question religion and faith in general. It was the 70’s, which were like the 60’s but with even more Liberal ideas flying around. I bought in like many foolish young people did. Ideas like you can’t trust anyone over 30. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. A woman who’s a “housewife” is a joke. And that Evolution is how we and our world came to be. “Creation” was a fairytale. Of course if there is no “creation”, then there is no God. If there is no God there are no rules. We are our own god. We are all we need.

I hadn’t given much thought to spirituality for many, many years. Sometime in 2009 I began to check out Glenn Beck on the radio (I spend a lot of time driving). He was not at all what I’d been led to believe by the Liberal media. I have read several of his books but one, THE 7: SEVEN WONDERS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, deals not with politics but with his life. His journey took him from a drug addicted alcoholic loser to where he is today. His journey also led him to God. He describes what he calls “bread crumbs” that God leaves for us along the road of our lives. He began paying attention to things he once thought of as coincidence or déjà vu or happenstance. And praying. By picking up his bread crumbs he began to see life differently. He began to live differently and with faith in God.

Ever notice how sometimes in life you get what you need? Perhaps that’s a bread crumb. When it comes to matters of God and faith, matters I have wrestled with, I needed a bread crumb. I believed in God before I didn’t before I did again. But evidence? No, still no evidence that I could see. Evolution….now that was science and it kept me on the spiritual fence. Darwin was the guy vying for a place between God and me. Darwin and the great scientists who worked their lives to prove Evolution. To finally make the literal connection from the Big Bang to the Primordial Soup to Bacteria to Single Cell Organisms to Trilobites to Fish to Amphibians to Mammals and Birds to Man. And the connections were made over and over again. They were made in words and drawings and carbon dating. They’ve been taught for generations.

A few months ago I attended a John Birch Society meeting regarding Agenda 21. It was an hour and a half ride there on a Saturday morning, something I’m loathe to do since I’m on the road all week for work. I was milling around before the meeting and met a woman (bread crumb) who noticed we were carrying the same snazzy travel mug, mine a gift from my son. We talked a bit and as the meeting was about to begin she said goodbye and handed me a paperback book she thought I might like. She brought a few of them to give away and was kind enough to hand me one. I took it home and forgot about it. Recently, after finishing a couple other books I was reading I decided to pick up the book from the meeting. The title is “Tornado in a Junkyard-The Relentless Myth of Darwinism”. I didn’t know what it was about when I cracked it open. Sometimes though, like I said, you get what you need.

The book makes two overall points. First is that there is absolutely no proof to back up even a single example of so-called Evolution. Nothing in the genetics, nothing in the fossil record. The Evolution theory we were taught, Darwinism, is a complete fraud. Darwin himself said there was no actual proof. Even venerable science like carbon dating is, in truth, highly unreliable and based on a heap of assumptions (also not proven) and is now coming under scrutiny. Even the Big Bang is taken apart and shown to be an impossible explanation for the beginning of our universe.

The second point is Creation itself and that we recognize something “created”. A question is posed: If you kick a rock down the road for a million years will it eventually become an arrowhead? That is what Evolution claims for us…that all life came from the same single source…the Big Bang…and we all evolved from bacteria in the “Primordial Soup” and came to be, by chance and time, as we are. All life, with its many differences and complexities all came from one thing. It was all by chance and good luck I guess.

We can see creation and DESIGN in an arrowhead. It is clear that erosion and time and chance didn’t make it but rather it was designed and made. There is just as much proof for Evolution as there is for arrowheads being made by chance, luck and enough time. The book continues with the “science” of Evolution being taken apart especially by scientists! We find that paleontologists, botanists, geologists etc have, in innumerable instances, just made it up, fudged findings, taken poetic license, hidden findings not supportive of the theory and made huge and yet unproven assumptions. In the name of potential fame many have tried to make the evidence fit the theory, not the other way around.

I got what I needed in “Tornado in a Junkyard-The Relentless Myth of Darwinism”. Evolution becomes the fairytale. Evolution becomes far harder to swallow than the idea of intelligent DESIGN by an able CREATOR. The book is not an opinion piece. It takes apart the phony evidence of Evolution that we all have been fed. I finally got some science that helped me realize what I’d really known all along: there is a CREATOR. Call him God or whatever you want to. When you suddenly discover through FACTS that Evolution is unproved at ANY LEVEL, and the arguments for it bogus, and the evidence tainted, and no Evolutionary connections as taught to us have EVER been made for real………..

I am grateful to the woman at the John Birch Society meeting whoever she is. She was a breadcrumb left by God for me to find. And I found it. What if I’d not talked with her but just said a polite “hello” and moved on. I’d have missed it. She was there to give me an answer to my personal struggle with the idea of God. I believed, kinda, more yes than no, but this has cemented my belief in God as the Creator. Thanks to Beck’s book THE 7, I am more open to what’s going on around me, more open to clues and signals and breadcrumbs. (I think Beck is one of my breadcrumbs too).

If you question faith and spirituality and God I recommend “Tornado in a Junkyard-The Relentless Myth of Darwinism”. Read it and pass it on to someone you think needs it. It is a stunning slap down to Evolution and it makes total sense! There is always a certain kind of peace to be found in the truth. I sincerely hope that if you are looking for truth you will start here, and yourself be a breadcrumb in someone’s life.