If you get a lip piercing, your Toms-wearing, tatted up friends will think you’re cool, but your grandma will hate you forever. If you order a thin crust pizza, your wife will complain, but if you order stuffed crust, the kids will do that dinner-long whine that makes you want to cut your ears off. You can’t please everyone, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know that. However, every decision has a consequence, and you’d think that our leaders, even the godless ones, would base their decisions on pleasing the majority…or, doing what the people want…you know, like how a democracy is supposed to work? So, “The Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act” makes absolutely no sense – from any perspective.

Last month, a law firm called The Thomas Moore Society sent a letter to The Illinois General Assembly, laying out the monumental problems that will result from this act being passed. Read the letter yourself, but in a nutshell, here’s what these guys laid out.

Voting “yes” on this bill will:

1. Make people who believe in traditional marriage bigots and discriminators. Kindergarteners would begin being taught that the gay lifestyle is normal and acceptable, right in their public schools. In fact, there are organizations that are already attempting to do this.

2. Religious liberty would be kaput. Currently, religious organizations like Catholic hospitals and schools are exempt from the new legislation that castrates companies like Hobby Lobby – forcing them to go against their religious standards or paying millions of dollars per day in fines. In other words, right now, a catholic hospital or a private Christian school has the right to refrain from hiring homosexuals, since they conduct their business in a way that lines up with their religious beliefs. If this bill gets passed, religious institutions will have to either go against their morals, pay crippling fines, and/or go out of business.

The letter went on to point out that Illinois already allows homosexuals a “civil union license” which gives gay people the same legal benefits as marrieds. This bill would do nothing but add the word “marriage” to the license they already have. Only 1% of Illinois residents are gay. So, the effect that this bill would have on the 1% would be a word on a paper. The effect that this bill would have on the rest of the state would be catastrophic. Schools and hospitals would go out of business, unemployment would rise, and Christians would have to choose between honoring their faith and putting bread on the table.

This letter’s writers, Thomas Brejcha and Peter Breen, so eloquently explained the problem, concluding with, “Our national motto, E Pluribus Unum, teaches us that while we are one nation, we are a union of many folks of different races, colors, and creeds. Thus we teach tolerance as a solvent that melds us together in a shared political community in spite of our differences. This measure, however, that purports to foster tolerance, swings the pendulum so far as to epitomize intolerance, forcing a vast segment of society to act at odds with their conscience and to behave in ways that offend their fundamental beliefs about right and wrong. In the name of tolerance, then, this bill must be rejected.”

Our country’s understanding of “tolerance” is actually the epitome of intolerance. Showing “tolerance” to one person, out of a hundred, is showing intolerance to the other ninety-nine.

Just like you can’t pick a pizza crust that everyone in your family will like, leaders in government cannot put smiles on everyones faces… but that’s not their job. And, even if it was, why would they try to please the 1%? They may not be able to make the whole country happy, but they can certainly do their jobs. The government’s job is to protect the rights of the people. The government’s job is to uphold the Constitution – that piece of paper that our forefathers gave their lives for so that we could meet in our homes for Bible Study without fear of persecution. The government’s job is to be STRAIGHT with us, rather than deceiving the public with bill titles like “The Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.” You can’t include the words “religious freedom” in a bill that literally takes that freedom away.

I don’t care whether you hate the phone, or have social anxiety, or think you don’t know crap about anything. We have got to get active. Call your Senators at 202-224-3121 (don’t send an email that will probably go into a spam folder) and give them a piece of your mind. We are the people. Wednesday, on Sons of Liberty Radio, Bradlee Dean quoted Thomas Jefferson saying “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” I’m talking to you, 20 year olds. It’s time for us to rip our sleeves off and take charge. We’re taking this country back -for our God, for ourselves, and for our kids.

Visit alliancedefendingfreedom.org for more specific ways you can get active.