Gun control fanatics like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg use a variety of arguments to try to persuade the American people to give up their Second Amendment rights.

One of their most successful arguments to date is that there is NO logical reason why any law abiding American should own an assault or assault-style weapon. They claim there is no use for them in our homes. Consequently, they’ve been able to ban assault and assault-style weapons in some cities and states.

However, don’t use that argument on one family living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. While the 19-year-old son of the homeowner was at home, 3 burglars illegally entered the house. The son confronted them holding an AR-15 and ordered them to leave. When they didn’t, the son defended himself and his home. Police found two of the burglars dead on the kitchen floor and the other was dead in the driveway. Confronted by multiple criminals, an assault weapon such as an AR-15 is the best defense anyone could have. Argument one is quickly dispatched.

Another argument used by anti-Second Amendment fanatics is that passing of more gun control and banning more guns will reduce crime, especially gun violence. However, that has proven to be just the opposite in locations like Australia, Chicago, Baltimore and other places that have enacted strict gun control laws and firearm bans. Therefore, argument number 2 is shot down, literally.

A third argument used is that the more gun free zones there are, the safer people will be. Just tell that to the people in the gun free zones like the Pulse and Cameo nightclubs, Aroura theater, many public schools, etc. Gun free zones only make targets for crazy wackos who want their names recorded in history for the wrong reasons. Thus argument 4 is free to fall away.

A fourth argument used by haters of America is that guns are the weapon of choice of terrorists and one of the ways to fight terrorism is to ban guns. One report last year stated that the number of gun deaths in the US by terrorists was negligible. While a few years ago, that argument may have held some statistical water, it seems more recent reports state that vehicles, with or without bombs, have now become the terrorist weapons of choice, not guns. Kind of runs over argument four, doesn’t it?

A fifth argument being used to push gun control is the number of accidental deaths caused by guns. Their argument is basically that the more guns there are in the hands of the American people means more accidental deaths by guns, therefore, there shouldn’t be any guns. Which we all know means that only criminals would have guns because they don’t get them legally anyway.

Every year that Barack Obama occupied the White House, gun sales, tracked by background checks, set new record highs. The more Obama and his anti-American disciples pushed to ban and restrict guns, the more guns the American people bought. In fact, his anti-gun campaign was a huge boon for the firearm industry.

Gun sales in 2014 and 2015 were among those record high gun sales years. In California, a state known for its anti-American liberal government, 2014 and 2015 proved to be record years for gun sales. In the first 11 months of 2015, there were 1.51 million background check requests in California, which surpassed the total number for all of 2014. Even more impressive was the Black Friday figures for Georgia in 2015, where that one state saw over 19 million background check requests.

If argument #5 about the number of accidental gun deaths being directly related to the number of guns in the hands of the people is valid, then in 2014 and 2015 there should have been record high numbers of accidental gun deaths. BOOM! Not so according to a Fox News report:

“Gun sales are up, and accidental gun injuries are down, according to a report released this month by the National Safety Council.”

“The NSC’s ‘Injury Facts -2017 Edition’ shows a 17 percent decrease in accidents involving firearms from 2014 to 2015, a period when gun sales soared.”

“There were 489 unintentional firearms-related fatalities during that time period, the lowest total since record-keeping began in 1903, accounting for less than 1 percent of accident deaths. This decrease, which was the largest percentage decline of any category cited in the NSC’s report, came in a year that saw record-high firearm sales.”

Thus, argument 5 is added to the open grave of the other bogus anti-gun arguments. The top 5 arguments frequently used by anti-Second Amendment, anti-American, gun-hating liberals are all proven to be bogus. If anything, their arguments only help prove the need for less gun control and more guns in the hands of the American people.

Final advice? Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson who wrote in the draft of the Virginia Constitution in 1776:

“No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms (within his own lands or tenements).” [Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution (with his note added), 1776. Papers 1:353]