The evidence connecting the Obama campaign to Priorities USA, a super PAC that launched an appalling and blatantly false attack ad blaming a woman’s death on Mitt Romney, is starting to pile up.

Bill Burton runs Priorities USA and was Obama’s deputy press secretary under Robert Gibbs. You can also add in the fact that the man in the ad telling the undeniably tragic tale of his wife’s passing, Joe Soptic, has also appeared in ads for the Obama campaign. Finally, just yesterday, senior Obama campaign advisor Stephanie Cutter was caught red-handed lying about her knowledge of the ad.

The ad’s overall accusation against Romney is bad enough, but the misleading elements within are so numerous and undeniable that the ad has prompted the kind of media blowback usually reserved for Republicans. But as you might expect, very little of that blowback has been directed at the person the ad is meant to benefit, President Obama.

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