No matter the final vote on this bill, the fact remains that Boehner broke a vow he made to the American people to cap discretionary spending.
Check it out:

John Boehner is facing a beclowning in the Senate.

Yesterday, Speaker Boehner rammed through the house an ill-conceived, self-defeating budget deal negotiated by Paul Ryan. The he went on to belittle conservative members and groups as “having no credibility” because they criticized the bill without having read it. They hadn’t read it because Boehner moved the bill in the face of his own repeated promise to allow 72 hours for a bill to be examined. He did that because he knew the budget bill was of the “we have to pass the bill to know what’s in it” variety and that were members and activists given 72 hours to examine the bill it would never pass.

While Paul Ryan was sucking up to Patty Murray and lecturing Senator Marco Rubio on “the burden of governing” and Speaker Boehner suffering from tightly wadded panties, someone should have checked with their Senate colleagues to see where they stood.

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