How a nation treats its veterans speaks volumes about the character of that nation.  This being the case, the character of the United States has fallen into an discouraging state. Frankly, we have come to a place in our history where we treat illegal aliens better than our veterans.  Said another way, we now treat illegals who exploit our freedoms for their own personal gain better than we treat veterans who dedicated their lives to protecting the freedoms exploited by illegals.  If you think I am just spouting right-wing rhetoric, consider the following facts:

  • The City Council of Sacramento, California plans to extend government-funded healthcare to more than a million illegals.  At the same time that Sacramento is codifying the legalization of government handouts for illegal residents, federal government officials in Los Angeles cancelled 40,000 diagnostic tests and treatments for veterans suffering from cancer and other diseases.  Why make such a callous move?  The concept is colloquially known as “CYA.”  It seems the federal government needed to cover up a ten-year backlog of untreated veterans.
  • A survey of nephrologists in 44 states revealed that 65 percent of them treat illegals, yet a hospital in Memphis was caught using contaminated kidney dialysis machines on veterans, even after they had waited more than six hours in the emergency room for treatment.
  • In Arizona, more than $700 million was spent providing healthcare for illegals while at least 40 veterans died waiting to be treated in VA hospitals. This is the now infamous case that finally created enough media attention to get the Obama administration reluctantly focused on the problem.
  • Sixteen states—and the list is still growing—now offer tuition discounts for illegals, yet the nation’s most prestigious universities enrolled only 168 veterans in the last year for which data are available (2011).  To make matters worse, this number was down by 27 percent from the previous year.  In other words, colleges and universities are now more open to helping illegals than American veterans.
  • Recently, President Obama released the now infamous Guantanamo Five—known terrorists sworn to destroy America—while his Department of Homeland Security had earlier published a report claiming that returning combat veterans represented a terrorist threat to the United States.  In other words, the Obama administration thinks it is appropriate to release known terrorists, but we better keep our eyes on those veterans who he sent in harm’s way to fight terrorism.
  • Because of the growing population of illegals and the voting power their family members and supporters wield, members of Congress from both parties are lining up to write amnesty legislation for illegals.  At the same time the unemployment rate among veterans 24 and under is a disgraceful 29.1 percent.  So much for veteran’s preference in hiring.
  • Treating America’s veterans poorly is a travesty in and of itself, but treating illegal aliens better than veterans is a disgrace.  During the initial battles of World War II, the French Army—at that time the largest in the world—collapsed quickly before the German onslaught.  Why?  Was it because they were poorly equipped? No, they had excellent arms and plenty of them.  Was it because they were poorly trained?  No, they were well trained.  The French Army collapsed so quickly because the hearts of the individual soldiers were not in it.  The poilus had no heart for defending their country because they did not believe in their country.  They did not believe the government and their officers had their backs

If America continues to treat its veterans with the disdain it has shown in the past decade, we will become just like the French in the lead-up to World War II.  Fewer and fewer young men and women will join the military, and those who do will lack the espirit des corps and love of country necessary to fight the good fight.  Frankly, who can blame them?  If your country will not take care of you, why should you put your life on the line to take care of it?  We may have reached a point in America where veterans would be better off to claim that they are illegal aliens.  At least this would ensure them better health care.