Trey Gowdy telling it like it is.

We have grown used to the fiery speeches and powerful rhetoric that flow from South Carolina’s firebrand Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC). Even so, there are times when the former District Attorney speaks that we find ourselves holding our collective breath in anticipation of what he’ll say next. The man is exactly the kind of politician other politicians fear (even when they’re on his side) because he can change everything with the power of a few simple words.


Rep. Gowdy gave us another example of his ability when he rose to speak about the dangers of executive overreach and the sad state of the legislature. He moved the Democrats to jeer and his fellow Republicans to cheer. It was the best speech of 2015, and though it’s early, it may still be when 2016 rolls around.

Do yourself a favor and listen to his short speech.

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