Native Americans — outraged by Elizabeth Warren’s admission yesterday that she told her Ivy League bosses about her purported tribal roots — accused the embattled Democrat of snubbing them and vowed to protest at tomorrow’s state convention even as she scrambled to placate supporters.

“If she really wanted to reach out to our native people and have a discussion about issues that are affecting us, then she needs to talk to our tribal media,” said Rhonda Levando Gayton, president of the Native American Journalists Association.

Rob Capriccioso, a reporter with Indian Country Today, said he has reached out to Warren’s campaign several times for an interview since May 15 and has been blown off. Capriccioso said there is a growing skepticism in Native American circles about Warren.

“Her ‘high cheekbones’ recollection, her failed Native networking while in academia and odd explanations of it, the possibility that Harvard promoted her as a Native professor without any documentation … and the attempts by her campaign to paint Indian concerns as a nonissue have all been problematic,” Capriccioso said.

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