“Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.” (Patrick Henry, a true believer).

If you have been involved in Republican politics for almost any period of time you will notice the difference between the “elite” class of Republicans and those that are “true believers.”

The elite class looks upon the Republican Party as more of a club, a gathering place to sip wine, eat cheese and promote their business or themselves. Profit, after all, is number one. It is not business as a whole (as in society or even for Republicans) – they are concerned about only their own profits. Therefore, as long as profits are up for them, it really does not matter what else is going on in the world (the Constitution being destroyed, society going to hell in a hand-basket, etc.). Sure, they may abhor higher taxes and government interference when it comes to their businesses, but their overriding concern is a self-centered ideology about what is best for their business, what is best for them. Furthermore, in order for one to be in the elite class, one’s “moral” compass must constantly point toward the love of money. This does not necessarily mean one must be wealthy to be in the elite class (after all, there are “wannabe-elites”), but only that one has the aforementioned self-centered worldview.

The true believer class of Republicans loves liberty. Even more to the point, the true believer fears God. He understands that wanting lower taxes and less government intrusion is laudable, but cannot work from a godless vacuum of irreligious-libertine thought.   The true believer understands and believes in the holy cause of liberty. He is a patriot (See Patrick Henry, Real-American Patriotism and The Holy Cause of Liberty). The true believer class speaks out, attends rallies, joins Tea Parties, writes blogs, and makes calls to elected officials. They are the grassroots.

Herein lies the schism in the Republican Party. Not everyone fits neatly into the mold of either the elite class or the true believer class. However, the schism runs deeper day by day. The government shutdown has only made it worse. The elite class will point to the true believers as causing the shutdown and the true believer class will point at the elites as selling-out.

Whether or not the schism is irreparable is yet to be determined. However, nothing is changing in how the Republican National Committee (controlled by the elite class) is operating. It is the same top-down-Karl Rove-prehistoric style of governing and messaging. Instead of listening to the grassroots, they would rather hoard emails and send out fundraising letters from John McCain, an outright insult to the true believer. Even more, each class wishes the other would go away. Take the comments from RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields as an example. Back in April of this year he referred to those who criticize the RNC as “the professional right” In other words, the elite class clearly does not even want to hear from the true believer class.

“Anathema” is what the true believer class considers the elite class. When Sen. John McCain is summoned to the Senate floor by Sen. Dick Durbin to interrupt Sen. Ted Cruz’ historic speech to protest Obamacare – or when Sen. Mitch McConnell sells out to the Democrats to end the government shutdown for a dam in Kentucky for $3 billion (or 30 pieces of silver, see the Gospel of Matthew 26:15), the elite-establishment class is doing a great job in making its own case for being worthless.

That is exactly why the true believer class has and will continue to take matters in its own hands. Do not be fooled. Tea parties are growing in number. There has also been a reemergence of the Republican Assemblies throughout the United States, a conservative, off-shoot of the Republican Party with endorsing conventions. The Liberty Movement continues to gain traction, especially with conservative youth. And last but not least, the “Article V Movement” (not really discussed yet in media because it is in its modern infancy) is about to spread like wildfire. Mark Levin gave gravitas to the concept of an Article V Convention, easing the minds of many who incorrectly worry about a “runaway convention,” with his new book, The Liberty Amendments.

At this point in time, the elite class of the Republican Party is running the show. However, the true believer class is digging-in its heals, growing in numbers, and will not be going away.