Trump could make things interesting. He’s certainly more conservative than Jeb.
Check it out:

Donald J. Trump, the billionaire real-estate mogul, on Tuesday will release a summary of assets that total about $9 billion as part of his likely entry into the race for the Republican presidential nomination, according to people familiar with his plans.

The two-page document — which will be published after he holds a political rally at Trump Tower in New York — will provide a valuation of his hotels and other properties. It will also show hundreds of millions in cash on hand and an outline of his debt, the people said.

The details he will reveal Tuesday will provide one of the first looks at the worth of the real estate and television empire that the colorful impresario has amassed — one whose value has been avidly debated.

Trump’s declared assets are more than double the estimate of his net worth by Forbes, which currently pegs his net holdings at $4.1 billion. And it would make him the wealthiest Republican contender.

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