The mainstream media are “protecting” Barack Obama’s “unconstitutional” tenure in the White House, refusing to investigate allegations that he fails to meet the Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural born citizen,” according to flamboyant billionaire Donald Trump.

In a conference calltoday with reporters, WND asked Trump why, if he believes defeating Obama is so significant in 2012, doesn’t he use his influence to mount a formal investigation into Obama’s eligibility.

There have been allegations since long before Obama’s election in 2008 that he is not a “natural-born citizen,” a requirement imposed on no other official.

Obama’s critics believe that at the time the  Constitution was written, the Founders understood “natural-born citizen” to mean the offspring of two citizens.

He said many people have questioned the birth certificate’s authenticity.

“It’s strange that after years all of a sudden it appears,” Trump mused. “How come there are no records his mother ever was in the hospital?”

He noted there are records of other births in the Hawaii hospital at the time.

“There’s no record of Obama or his mother,” he said.

Trump added that members of Obama’s own family have pointed to different hospitals in Hawaii as being his birth location, and his grandmother reportedly made statements linking his birth to Kenya.

“I have real questions [about Obama’s eligibility],” he said.


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