Why are so many Americans complaining about Obamacare and yet the same people are upset and unhappy about the GOP healthcare plan to replace Obamacare?

What are the problems people are experiencing with Obamacare?

The cost continues to increase year after year. In some areas of the country, yearly increases have been greater than 50%. In 2015, it was reported:

“A growing number of major healthcare insurance carriers have started filing requests for 2016 rate hikes with their state insurance departments. A number of those rate hike requests will not only silence many Obamacare defenders, they will indicate just how unaffordable the Affordable Care Act has become.’

“One report stated:’

“‘BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee . . . said it lost $141 million from exchange-sold plans, stemming largely from a small number of sick enrollees. ‘Our filing is planned to allow us to operate on at least a break-even basis for these plans, meaning that the rate would cover only medical services and expenses—with no profit margin for 2016,’ said spokeswoman Mary Danielson’.”

“Similar losses have prompted some carriers to request huge increases. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in Maryland has requested increases of 30.4% on average over current premium rates. Let’s put that into perspective. A family paying $300 a month could see their premiums jump up to $391.20 a month. That’s an annual increase of $1,094.40.”

“However, Maryland residents should be thankful they don’t live in New Mexico where the leading healthcare insurer Health Care Service Corp. has filed a rate increase averaging 51.6% over current rates. Again, to put this into perspective, the same $300 a month premium would jump to $454.80. That’s an annual increase of $1,857.60.”

This is blamed largely on the lack of competition and not enough healthy young people signed up. Obamacare was built upon the presumption that millions of young healthy people would sign up for healthcare and these young healthy people would use little medical care so their premiums would pay for the insurance payouts for the older and sicker people.

The lack of competition, high costs, reduced coverage and increasing number of healthcare insurance providers dropping policies and dropping out of Obamacare entirely has resulted in millions of Americans dropping their healthcare insurance. Many, like ourselves, found it much cheaper to pay the tax penalty than to pay outrageous monthly premiums that came with high deductibles and then only paid for 60% of covered expenses, and by covered, I mean they limit how much for each procedure they pay for and what procedures they won’t pay for. All toll, the least expensive policy under Obamacare we could find would have cost us $9,792 a year in premiums and then have a $4,000 deductible before only paying for 60% of covered items. Besides, we found that our doctor charged less for self-pay patients than they did for patients with insurance which is one reason insurance rates are so high.

Now, the same people that have been complaining about Obamacare are complaining about the GOP healthcare plan being proposed in Congress.

Ironically, the supposedly non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just released a report claiming that the GOP plan would leave 24 million Americans without healthcare by 2026. That’s interesting since most figures state that there are approximately 20 million more Americans signed up for Obamacare, but that figure does not include the millions who have had their policies cancelled or have dropped their policies due to the high costs. One sight says the number of Americans that actually have Obamacare policies is closer to 14 million of which 84% or 11.8 million of those are on Medicaid thanks to the expansion provided by Obamacare.

If the GOP plan is so bad that many Republicans don’t even like it, then perhaps they should not take any congressional action for a year and let Obamacare self-implode. That would give Republicans more time to craft a better plan, if that’s possible.

During that year, Republicans need to decide if healthcare is a right or a need. Democrats and even some Republicans believe that healthcare is a right and that the government should provide healthcare for everyone like they do in Great Britain and Canada. They fail to realize that the national healthcare systems in Great Britain and Canada are struggling financially and have had to cut coverage and increase taxes to pay for less coverage.

However, President Trump has admitted that waiting a year and allowing Obamacare to implode and collapse would not be fair to the American people. It’s obvious that Trump cares for the American people which is very refreshing since Obama has never cared for anyone other than himself.