Donald Trump is quite the pit bull when it comes to calling people out, because he always goes straight for the throat. You know exactly who he is talking about, and what he wants, without dancing through subtweets that throw shade.

His latest victim is “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd, who Trump tells to knock it off with the fake news!

He Tweets:

“When will Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd and @NBCNews start talking about the Obama SURVEILLANCE SCANDAL and stop with the Fake Trump/Russia story?”trump-chuck-todd

I think all of America would like an answer to that actually!

“It is the same Fake News Media that said there is “no path to victory for Trump” that is now pushing the phony Russia story,” he wrote. “A total scam!”

The ongoing story was fueled by Trump former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn after reports that he would be willing to testify in the congressional investigation of the campaign if granted immunity.

“Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt,” Trump said on Twitter this week.

On Friday, Chuck Todd criticized Trump for fueling the Russia story on Twitter.

“Obviously, the Russia cloud darkens all of the time, and all of these problems right now that they’re dealing with front and center are self-inflicted by one person, the President of the United States, who could not help himself with a tweet on this wiretapping…

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