America recently celebrated Earth Day, a once worthwhile event that has been co-opted and corrupted by environmental radicals. Conspicuously missing from America’s great environmental debate is the one ingredient that is needed most: the truth. Ask almost any American on the street about the environment and he or she will probably tell you that energy production and economic growth are bad for the environment. America has been brainwashed by the left to associate economic development and energy production with pollution instead of what they really mean: jobs and prosperity.

The most popular word in the English language has become the word “green” and, on the surface, it is a good word. In fact, I have never met an individual—conservative or liberal—who opposes a greener, cleaner environment. The truth is that we have the technology to ensure that energy production is clean and safe and the zoning regulations to ensure that economic development does not harm the environment. But the term green as used by environmental radicals, the mainstream media, and politically-motivated scientists is code for an agenda that extends well beyond the environment.

The word green as used by environmental radicals is liberal double talk used to disguise a nefarious agenda that is about burdensome regulations, one-world government, and an anti-business, anti-jobs mentality that permeates the thinking of the left. As I mentioned earlier, what is missing from the great environmental debate is the truth. Consequently, the remainder of this article is devoted to some truth statements that liberals not only try to ignore, but avoid discussing at all costs. Why? Because if the general public ever realizes the truth about the environmental agenda of liberals, their whole house of cards will come crashing down on them.

TRUTH STATEMENT NUMBER 1: America can increase its use of fossil fuels and expand economic development without harming the environment. Coal, oil, and natural gas are the big three when it comes to energy production for America and the world. Neither America nor the world can meet its energy needs without extracting coal, oil, and natural gas in increasing amounts, yet liberals continue to push ineffective, undependable, hyper-expensive alternative energy sources while attempting to regulate fossil fuels out of existence. The plan of the radical left is to over-regulate fossil fuels to the point that their extraction and consumption will be more costly than the ineffective alternative energy sources favored by liberals. The truth in this aspect of the environmental debate is that the cure proposed by liberals is worse than the problem. America has the technology to extract and use coal, oil, and natural gas without harming the environment. Further, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has become so draconian in the enforcement of it burdensome regulations that doing damage to the environment is tantamount to suicide for a developer.

TRUTH STATEMENT NUMBER 2: Oil pipelines such as the proposed Keystone XL are safer environmentally than oil-transporting ships and trucks. In spite of President Obama’s politically motivated reluctance to give it the green light, the Keystone XL pipeline has been given a thumbs-up from his own administration; not just once but several times. The Obama State Department reports that the pipeline poses no “significant environmental risk and would not contribute significantly to carbon dioxide emissions.” In other words, the claims made repeatedly by environmental radicals and parroted by the mainstream media to justify opposition to Keystone XL are bogus. With Keystone XL, American’s concerned about the environment will not have to worry about another Exxon Valdez disaster or an oil-transporting truck crashing on an Interstate Highway. Further, according to Nicolas Loris of the Heritage Foundation, the pipeline has bipartisan support, approval from former energy and interior secretaries, and the backing of several unions. Since Keystone XL is environmentally safe, provides economic benefits, and has the support of the Obama administration’s State Department, one can only wonder why the president refuses to give the project his approval. In fact, anyone who has been an observer of politics for long should smell a rat. In cases like this, that rat is typically a major financial donor who is calling in favors at the very top of our government. Obama’s hesitation in signing off on the Keystone XL project has nothing to do with protecting the environment and everything to do with the smarmiest kind of politics.

TRUTH STATEMENT NUMBER 3: Bio-fuels are not safer for the environment. One of the often repeated rationales environmental radicals use for pushing bio-fuels on the American public is that they have less negative impact than fossil fuels. In a revelation that should surprise no one, it turns out that bio-fuels are not the safer alternative to gasoline they have been portrayed to be. In fact, according to Nicolas Loris of the Heritage Foundation, it has been widely known for years that they are not the environmentally-friendly alternative that liberals claim.   “After accounting for land-use conversion, the use of fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides, as well as the fossil fuels used for production and distribution, bio-fuels production is quite carbon-intensive.” Did you pick up on the ironic part of Loris’ statement? The production and distribution of bio-fuels requires the use of fossil fuels, another fact liberals gloss over or avoid altogether. According to Loris, all that mandating the use of ethanol in gasoline has done is provide “concentrated benefits to politically connected producers and higher costs to America’s energy consumers.”

After reading the three truth statements in this column, you should be able to connect the dots pertaining to the lies of environmental radicals, President Obama’s refusal to green light the Keystone XL project, and concentrating the benefits of the ethanol mandate in the greedy hands of a few politically-connected producers. It is really not hard to explain the lies of the left on environmental issues or President Obama’s seemingly inexplicable position on Keystone. Just follow the money. One thing that never changes in Washington, D.C. is this: When you don’t understand why a politician takes a position that seems to make no sense, follow the money. It usually leads to the truth.