This truth is that Islam has literally been at war with others and itself from the very beginning. It’s founder, Muhammad, spent the last two decades of his life in almost constant warfare. Unlike Christ, who willingly gave up his own life to pay the penalty for the sins of others, Muhammad died taking the lives of others who would not willingly submit to Allah.

This is historical fact.

Since Muhammad left no obvious heir, his followers immediately broke down into rival camps — our modern-day Sunnis and Shiites — that have been warring with each other since long before the Holy Roman Empire gave birth to what we now know as Western Civilization. Furthermore, one of the rationales for forming the Holy Roman Empire in the first place was to combat the Muslim invasion of Europe.

This is another historical fact.

Much of what we today call the “Muslim world” was originally a key component of the Christian world. In fact, the term “Christians” was first applied to Jesus’ followers in Syria. The apocalyptic Book of Revelation begins with letters to seven churches in what was then called Asia Minor, which is our modern-day Turkey. Some of the oldest enclaves of Christianity were in places like Egypt and Lebanon, but their numbers dwindled considerably throughout the centuries due to violent Islamic conquest of those regions.

This, again, is historical fact.

The first overseas war in our nation’s history was against Muslims known as the Barbary Coast Pirates, whose ambassador admitted to Thomas Jefferson they were raiding our ships because “it was their right and duty to make war upon (infidels) wherever they can be found” in the name of Muhammad. The line from the Marine’s hymn “to the shores of Tripoli” is a reference to this war. So our nation faced Islamic jihad long before we discovered Middle Eastern oil and started meddling in their affairs, contrary to the misguided view of history often espoused by Ron Paul.

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