Truth is not an abstract concept that can be one thing for one person or group and another for another person or group. Nor is it open to interpretation. If it is raining, it is raining. That does not mean one can re-define what raining means to alter the truth. Raining a little bit is still raining. If the government does not have enough money to pay its obligations without borrowing from another country, it is broke. Encouraging further borrowing to pay those obligations and in fact to pay billions of dollars to undeserving, enemy countries, and to pay the interest on the money we are borrowing does not mean we are not broke. All it means is we sheeple are closing our eyes to irresponsible financial management of our fiscal policies.

As we go into this new election cycle, it is pretty apparent we are, once again, being told abstract and bazaar truths (in other words, lies) to gain the approval of uninformed voters. It is not a partisan thing. Mitch McConnell’s vote to approve Lynch was another way of saying, “I am a conservative, but that doesn’t mean I have to vote conservative.” Raising the debt ceiling, every few months, is just another way of saying, “It doesn’t make any difference how much we go into debt. We are the American government; we can do anything we want.” The Federal Reserve continuing to print fiat money where there was none before, is just another way of saying, “It doesn’t matter whether we can back it up or not. We can print as much as we want and it will never be worth less (worthless).”

Politicians can present either a message that inspires trust from Liberals or Conservatives. Bobby Jindal has made some controversial statements and public announcements that would engender Conservative’s approval. The State of Louisiana, on the other hand, has passed some controversial, if not illegal, laws. It is, for instance, against Louisiana law for sellers of used, or second hand articles to accept cash in payment for those articles. The statement on our money that it is to be accepted as legal payment, “for all debts, public and private,” seems to be of no consequence. Where is the truth in that?


Clinton has said, against her own office mandate, that it was “convenient” to have a private email account and that she had the right to delete the emails SHE determined were not important to the State. “What Difference Does It Make?” one might imagine her saying. After all, no one will hold her accountable or attempt to determine the truth. The media accepts everything she says and does as truth. We the Sheeple, just have to go along with it all. Where is the truth in that?

With the apparent declaration from Fiorina that she is throwing her hat in the ring to become president, I believe that makes four confirmed candidates; Paul, Cruz, Rubio, and Fiorina. There are certainly good ideas put forth by all of them, but what is the truth? I think it will be very wise for us to follow each candidate (and new candidates) very closely. I think they are good people, but I don’t agree with those who say things I want to hear and then do things I don’t agree with. Does Ben Carson truly think he and Sharpton are on the same page? That is frightening. At this point, all of them are guilty of those kinds of scary beliefs or statements, to some degree. I want a president who believes in Almighty God (not Allah, Buddha, Marx, or Scientology); One who believes in the Constitution in every detail; One who does not take the law in his own hands because congress doesn’t pass his laws for him; One who is not afraid to issue a presidential order deleting all Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders.

I want a president who puts our country first; one who does not want to expand the control of government; one who is not afraid to cut spending and try to find a way to balance the budget, even if that means declaring bankruptcy. At least then we could start with a clean slate and remover the burden from our children and grandchildren. If we no longer have good credit with other countries, perhaps we would start putting Americans back to work to generate everything we need. We would no longer be able to give our enemies the money they use or need to try to defeat “the Great Satan.” It is indeed, time to determine what the truth is, in America. As a Christian, I think it is time to take back our birthright of being citizens in a country founded “under God” and not accept persecution from those who think (but cannot know) there is no God. That which built our country into the most powerful and wealthiest country in the history of the world, is being pushed aside for policies that have been tried and failed, every time they were tried. Are we stupid? Let’s show the world we are not. Stand up and be counted for the good of our country and not for free handouts.