In Minnesota, there is a new ‘political truth’ web site that is being heralded as a place for people to go and compare what Minnesota and National politicians are saying versus what they are really doing. There are those of us who already know Liberals and Democrats rarely tell the truth. We do not need a web site for us to know if they are lying. If you are a Liberal or a Democrat, you do not care about the truth and having a web site to view is something they will not look at anyway. Either way, some people do not need it because they follow and know what truth is being spewed from the lips of politicians, and others will not care because they want to avoid the truth.

The bottom line is that Liberals, Democrats and some Republicans just do not care about the truth. If these politically minded people actually told the truth, stated exactly what they are doing or professed what they actually wanted to do, nobody would support them in their efforts. They only way for Liberals and Democrats to get support for their effort is to lie and not tell the truth. In fact, the main-stream media and news outlets all support the Liberals and Democrats and their lack of truth. These people say they report the news, but really all they do is perpetuate lies over and over again. The main-stream media supports these politicians by reporting false narratives to us as truth.

I am hoping there are some people out there who will spend a few minutes to actually look at the data on this web site. If they did, maybe they would say “You know what, that XYZ politician did not tell the truth” about this and that. Maybe this would start the ball rolling and they would be thinking maybe that politician should not be voted back into office in the next election. My suspicion is there are not a lot of people who really want to know the truth. They would rather believe in fanciful platitudes and these people will not care enough to look at this web site. If they did, then they would have to really consider what the truth means to them and what impact it has in their life.

There will not be one Liberal, or Democrat that will make any comments about this web site. Nope, they will ignore it completely and will not say anything at all. The main-stream news media will not say one word because it will show that all of them are not telling the truth. None of these people will touch this topic, or this web site with a pole a mile long. Why? Because they know if the truth is exposed, they will lose support from the majority of the “sheeples” out there. The only way Liberals and Democrats can stay in power is to obfuscate the truth and just outright lie to us; only then will they be able stay in office. If the truth be known, they would be thrown out in the next election.

So, who is really going to read and take into consideration the truth this web site has on it? I know it is important to TRY and make politicians be responsible. They must be held accountable for not only what they say, but what they do as well. The main-stream media will not hold them accountable for anything and has proven this over and over again. The only way things are going to get better is if we ALL stand up and demand we get told the “truth” and we find out who is not telling us the “truth.” We must know who is not acting for our benefit and is only saying what we want to hear. This web site is an easy way for us to know who is saying the truth and who is acting in a truthful way.

Here is information about their web site:

Minnesota Launches ‘TruthMatters’ Website

The Republican Party of Minnesota today launched a new website tool to hold Democrats accountable to the truth heading into the 2014 election. The website, called, will focus on the broken promises, lies and insults of the Democrats and their allies both in Minnesota and in Washington, D.C.

“While a rigorous debate is part of our healthy democracy, the truth still matters,” said Keith Downey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota. “This website will hold our friends on the other side accountable for the claims they make in the public square.”

In launching the new website, Downey highlighted several posts featuring Governor Mark Dayton including his broken promise that electronic pull-tab money would pay for the Vikings stadium and a recent lie about the Democrats taking credit for paying back the K-12 education shift. The site also features a lie from Senator Al Franken regarding his vote in favor of the medical device tax that is damaging Minnesota companies.

Downey said the focus on insults is an attempt to call out the DFL Party and organizations like the Alliance for a Better Minnesota when they resort to name calling and bring down the level of debate.

“There’s a belief in politics that if you repeat something long enough, it becomes fact. We’re not going to let untrue statements about our candidates and beliefs go unanswered in the 2014 election. And we’re going to remind voters of the promises made by candidates like Mark Dayton and Al Franken during their campaigns for office.”

The TruthMatters website can be found at

. A Twitter account has also been set up at