Following up on my recent article about homosexuality and gay marriage, I heard something on the 700 Club that I thought expresses this issue well.

Bill Walker, an ex-gay Las Vegas performer, put it this way. He said that homosexuality was “filling a legitimate need in an illegitimate way.” I thought that was well put. It is defined in psychology as “sublimation.” He said that his unfulfilled legitimate need was the touch of a loving father.

This also explains a lot of other illegitimate attempts to satisfy legitimate needs. In fact, that is the theme of my book The Plague Of Liberalism ( In it I say that liberals rightly feel like something in the culture is wrong. But here is the problem. They start defining things that aren’t wrong (e.g. traditional marriage, virginity until marriage, etc.) as being wrong. That is because they have to ground the natural feeling to correct wrong things into anything, because they’ve either not seen or adequately defined what is really wrong, or their personal philosophy or the philosophy of the subculture they identify with won’t allow them to acknowledge those things as wrong (e.g. homosexuality or “women’s rights” or promiscuity, etc.).

So they have a lot of passionate energy (which is naturally meant for correcting wrongs) and they ground it in causes that the liberal world gives them opportunities to do. The “green” movement is very famous for this, but also the “Black lives matter” movement, and an assortment of labels that are offered for them to vent their anger (racism, sexism, homophobic, etc.).

Here’s the problem. They never will be satisfied, because their correction energy is not directly addressing what it is meant for. So then they just move on to the next cause.

In my book I describe it this way. I say that liberals, and especially liberal activists, are addicted to liberal causes. And that addiction continues because natural satisfaction is never reached … just attempted through illegitimate ways. And being that addiction is defined as a disease, this disease has now reached plague proportions.

I also speak as one who had this disease, having grown up in San Francisco, and being very active in the music business. But even though I was overcome by this disease, I intuitively knew that something was wrong. So I pursued any way that I could find to resolve the unsettling feeling. I am now happy to say that I did find that resolution in realizing that the Bible accurately describes this dilemma as well as what we needed to do to gain peace and satisfaction in heart and in mind. But I did have to dive into 20 different approaches to lifestyle and truth before I got to that realization … (which is one of the drawbacks of living in such a blind place like San Francisco).

In my books, I show a person how to get to that same state. And my life’s work for decades now has been to spread that wisdom.

Surprisingly I have found that most churches though are not interested in addressing the culture regarding this dilemma. That is true for a number of churches in my area (although I have spoken around the country and do find leaders who are in sympathy with the cause to “expose the darkness” as the Bible tells us to do. And I find that all congregations are inspired by this. If you know of a church who would like this kind of presentation, send them to

The reason why this lack of interest in addressing the culture’s sin and the solution to it is surprising to me is because even though parents send their kids to church and catechism and Catholic schools and kids’ classes and even go to church with them … a Pew Research Poll said that 70% of kids leave the church. And who knows about how mature the other 30% is. (I would say ‘not very’ for most of them, given the generally weak representation of God in the world’s mainstream … although I applaud all attempts by TV shows, recent movies, and ministries and pastors and politicians who are so inclined). But why the 70%?

It’s because of the influence of the world … and its schools and media and peer pressure and entertainment and laws and sinful culture.

Therefore, it is imperative that the errors of the world be addressed, as well as the objective truth and good functionality of Christianity be proven.

I do all of that with my work. The political books address the errors, and the other books, DVDs/TV shows and speeches/presentations address the proofs. All of those tools can be seen at