Some fans of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin haven’t given up yet on the prospect of her jumping in the race for the White House in 2012 and say they plan to run television ads in Iowa begging her to reconsider her decision.

“Your contributions have made it possible for us to run the Palin reconsider television ad next week in the Sioux City, Iowa market,”

Ian Lazaran of wrote in a post online Friday. “Thanks to everyone who chipped in to make it possible.”

Lazaran wrote that the target date for ad going up on television in the Hawkeye State is Nov. 29.

“What we do next after the television ad goes up is a more difficult question,” he explained.

Lazaran said “if this ad is able to build some momentum” for Palin, “the best way to keep that momentum going may be to commission a national GOP primary poll that includes the Governor as one of the options.”