I was preparing to do an original piece on the embattled New York City mayor when I happened upon the tweet that follows, which itself is a screen cap of a Facebook page. The author of that page provides a concise introduction to Bill de Blasio, noting parallels between him and another prominent politician who believes all cops are racist and, therefore, prone to “acting stupidly.”

De Blasio, who was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr., went to live with his mother’s family when he was seven, shortly after his parents divorced. In 1983, he changed his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm (the first half of the compound being his mother’s maiden name), then again to Bill de Blasio (“Bill” being a family nickname growing up) in 2002, when he entered politics.

In an interview with radio host Allan Wolper in 2012, he explained:

[My dad] was an officer in the Pacific in the army [and fought] in an extraordinary number of very, very difficult, horrible battles, including Okinawa…. And I think honestly, as we now know about veterans who return, [he] was going through physically and mentally a lot…. He was an alcoholic, and my mother and father broke up very early on in the time I came along, and I was brought up by my mother’s family — that’s the bottom line — the de Blasio family.

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