I was visiting with my last surviving aunt recently and while there, the general state of the country came up and all of us present agreed that it is in rapid decline in virtually all respects. However, that conversation ended abruptly when I made the observation that the Democrats are just socialists. Immediately my first cousin came back testily, well the “Republicans are just fascists.” I had momentarily forgotten that that branch of the family always has identified themselves as Democrats, despite not really being sold out to socialism.

Since I didn’t want to get into a family dispute I just let the subject drop and went on to something else. However, in retrospect, the conversation was enlightening. Even some rabid, life-long Democrats are disgusted with the state of our society, but they automatically blame Republicans. My proper response, I realized later (though in the interest of family harmony, won’t share it with them unless–unlikely–they read this) was: “No Republicans are just wimps, and socialists-lite. Both parties are responsible for the sorry state in which we find our nation.”

The problem is that we seem to be locked into a two-party system in which both parties have strayed far, far from the Constitution, the country’s founding principles and most especially–common sense. Both have led us–alternating offices occasionally–ever more steadily toward a huge-government, socialist state. Americans have allowed it to happen by relying more and more on the government to do far too many things the founders never envisioned. The “cradle-to-grave” socialist syndrome really kicked in under F.D. Roosevelt and has been sapping our national strength and individual will ever since.

When Roosevelt became president, the dollar still was worth approximately as much as it had been when it was created. Since then, however, its buying power has vanished. Of course, a crazy, homosexual Brit by the name of John Maynard Keynes gave ever-eager politicians an excuse by telling them that constant inflation was a good idea. Politicians use Keynes to believe it is O.K. to amass unimaginable debt that never can be repaid without bankrupting everyone and every business in the country.

We also have the problem that legislative bodies at all levels of government, but especially the federal level, always are adopting new programs, new laws, new regulations, but never repealing any. There isn’t anyone alive, lawyer or otherwise, who could possibly understand all the laws, regulations and programs we’ve been inundated with just within my lifetime of 68 years.

Of course–or is the correct term curse?–we have the media which constantly is pouring out drivel and urging people to buy, buy, buy, whether they can afford it or not, but providing no real, serious information. That which purports to be “news” or “commentary” rarely rises above the level propaganda for one side or the other of the two-faced political monstrosity we’re ruled by. The only thing else the media covers is trivialities.

In my lifetime, fetuses have become “non-human” and we’ve killed 50 million babies. In my late lifetime the Bible has been banned from schools and public schools have become socialist indoctrination centers with a heavy cant toward pornography. Private schools are under attack by the socialists because some of them, particularly those Christian-oriented, like the one where my adopted son attended, don’t sing from the same socialist hymnal.

Mainline churches have become enfeebled and afraid to speak out against the atrocities taking place on our streets and in our legislative and executive bodies. In some cases, they have been taken over by the socialists. In my mainline church, there are demonstrations at our legislative body every four years in favor of homosexual marriage and ministers. When that passes there will be many fewer pastors in that denomination, including me. It’s already happened in other “mainline” churches.

The cesspool known as Hollywood continues to pour out “entertainment” violating every tenant of morality or common sense ever written anywhere by anyone. A major portion of the “news media” is little more than propagandists for the far left where socialism blends frighteningly well with fascism. Remember, Hitler called himself a socialist and NAZI stood for National Socialism.  There actually is no discernable difference.

We have a two-party system that obviously is broken. So what’s the answer? I confess, I really don’t know, perhaps a multi-party system? The Tea Party has some good ideas, but the two parties have so institutionalized (with welfare and other unpaid-for government largess) that their power isn’t likely to be broken soon by Tea Partiers.

So what is a reasonable, responsible person to do? About the only thing I can think of is have some basic plans for what you’ll do before Armageddon arrives. At 68, I’m too old to be a survivalist, though I know some responsible young people who are stockpiling certain necessary supplies. Another very important option, which the socialists are trying their best to stamp out, but never will, is to pray! Finally, if you’re interested in survival of this country, which is very much in doubt, find some way to break the power of the two parties that have strayed so very far to the left of the Constitution, not to mention totally out of the realm of common sense.