Mr. Obama while speaking at Ohio University told students to reject those voices that warn; “tyranny is lurking just around the corner.” All I could think of was the wizard of Oz, you know, the “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” scene. Then suddenly I realized I agreed, they shouldn’t listen to those voices, they should be listening to the truth. The truth is tyranny is not around the corner it has already arrived. Allow me to show you the face of tyranny, and then explain why a revolt or revolution is impossible.

Webster’s defines tyranny as: “The government or authority of a tyrant; a country governed by absolute ruler; hence, arbitrary or despotic exercise of power; exercise of power over subjects and others with rigor not authorized by law or justice, or not requisite for the purpose of government.”

We have a President who lied to the American people, telling them that a terrorist attack was the results of a demonstration over a YouTube video. He lied, knowing that it was a terrorist attack that resulted in the death of the American Ambassador, and three other Americans. He then proceeded to bolster his lie, by releasing a video to Arab nations apologizing for the YouTube video.

The DOJ, demonstrated it’s complicity, by having a swat team, in the middle of the night, raid the home and incarcerate the YouTube video creator, just to proliferate the administration’s lie’s.

The State Department, who effectually became accomplices to the terrorist attack, by reducing security when an increase was requested, ignoring CIA warnings following previous attacks. Putting Americans knowingly at risk, just so the White House can say that they have achieved a degree of normalcy in Libya. It may even be as convoluted as the attackers being the very people the Ambassador was sent to meet, in a failed attempt to buy back stinger missiles, provided to our enemy by the State Department.

Mean while, back at the ranch, we have the IRS targeting opposition groups of the president and releasing private information to aid a presidential campaign.

Let us not forget the DOJ, secretly seizing AP phone records and those of Fox News reporters and their families On the other hand, refusing to prosecute Black Panthers with nightsticks outside polling locations. Oh, and we dare not overlook Mr. Holder, who stated; that the DOJ does not need warrants for emails. However, the White House refuses to release their emails to Congress, until some are leaked and the outrage mounts. The emails that were released by the White House did not contain any emails for the first 66 hours after the attack.

How many minutes where missing from the Nixon tapes? Sorry, I digress.

Lets see I am forgetting somebody, oh, yea, the EPA who demonstrated a political agenda, favoring the administrations friends and severely restricting the opposition.

How many US citizens have been killed by drones? Due process is just a button push away.

Now, I know as Jay Carney puts it, “that’s a long time ago,” but we can’t forget Fast and Furious, selling guns to the Mexican cartel, guns that were involved with the killing of a U.S. Border agent.

I don’t have space to list all the infringement of our liberty’s that this administration and congress are responsible for. There is corruption in every one of the executive branches of government; they have repeatedly shown a total disregard for the Constitution they swore to uphold. When you look at the above list and ask, “Who stood to gain the most?” The commonality of the answer can only lead to the conclusion that this is an agenda. Look at the above list you see the face of tyranny, look at Webster’s definition again, we currently live under a tyrannical reign.

Thankfully, this tyrannical reign is not the result of the abolishment of our Constitution, no, just the results of a President that thinks he is above the law. This in combination with the severity and permeation of corruption is almost to the point of nullifying the political process and render the safeguards put in place by our Founding Fathers useless.

I still hold hope, hope that there are still enough honest representatives who are as incensed as I am. Hope, that enough of the people voice their outraged at the deliberate violations of the Constitution, knowing that an attack on one person’s rights is an attack on all rights. United public outrage will be the first step, the first step toward the restoration of our liberty. If the voice of outrage is loud enough, once again the fear of the people will rise and with it liberty. Americans are great, they may battle back and forth between the parties, but they love it, they know that it is through this open debate of conflicting opinions we come closest to finding the truth. They also know that if they stand by and allow the opposition’s liberty to be infringed, their own freedom has no value.

Is an armed revolution or revolt necessary to restore our liberty? Absolutely not! I know, what about the tyrannical reign? Nevertheless, you see I have talked to no one, or heard of anyone voice a desire to due away with our Constitution. Then again, I haven’t been in any of the administrations private meetings.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t want to revolt against the United States we don’t want to fundamentally change our government. We are the government, of the people, by the people, for the people. We don’t need a revolution. Our government is based upon the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and therein exists laws that restrain the government and confirm our God given rights.

This current President, his administration and many of our Congressional representatives, are where our grievances lie. Not the basis of our government.

Therefore, even if it becomes necessary for the people to restore their liberty at gunpoint, it will not be a revolution. We would not be over throwing the United States but restoring the law. Instead of falsely calling for a revolution or armed revolt lets call it what it really will be, “Trash day” with guns. In essence that’s all we will be doing, taking out the trash.

Mr. Obama may find it real interesting if “Trash Day” becomes a necessity. When he declares martial law to suppress the uprising, boy will he be surprised. Surprised how many know the truth, answering this false declaration of martial law would not be putting down an uprising against the United States. Conversely, it would be supporting a coup to keep a criminal in office. He will be greatly surprised how many different color uniforms the “Trash men” wear that day.

Let it be known. We have had enough. To every elected official from the top to the bottom, obey your oath to defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

We the people demand the restoration of our Constitutional law. We demand prosecution of any and all who break the law as well as those who forsake their sworn oath. We expect our representatives to be familiar with our Constitution, which they have sworn to obey and defend. Currently their actions have shown that they are ether, not familiar with the Constitution, or have choosing to ignore it. We must keep them accountable. This is not intended as a warning, we will have our country restored now. If they will not, we will. Vote or gun, we will get it done.

Mr. Obama you may foolishly think you can ride out this storm, thinking it will blow over, or hoping for a disaster to serve as a distraction. Maybe you think that you are just dealing with some right wing radicals.

How quickly we forget, do you remember the days right after the first 9-11 terrorist attack, do you remember the flags. A flag everywhere, patriotism is not the private dominion of the right. Look around you, look closely Mr. Obama, you can see the glances, you can hear the whispers. Perception is a powerful thing; you can feel it, the perception has changed.

On “Trash Day,” we the people will be united. United to restore the law, united to defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. So there will be no revolution, just a case of citizenry law enforcement on “Trash Day.” Vote or gun, we will get it done.