Gun-control liberals led by President Obama are understandably frustrated these days. Recently, they have been losing the battle to disarm America in almost every state. However, they have not given up. Rather, they are trying to disarm America through the back door using the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty as their own concealed weapon. According to a letter sent to members of Gun Owners of America: “A few months ago, eighteen countries—including some of America’s closest allies—ratified the UN Arms Trade Treaty, giving a big boost to the anti-gun lobby that sees this treaty as the key to disarming America…The UN Treaty, if ratified by the US, would not only result in gun owner registration, it could lead to bans on handguns and semi-automatic firearms, microstamping requirements, and much more.”

Gun-control liberals have chosen an odd time to be foisting their misguided agenda on the American public. Consider the following facts about life in America. Felonious incidents such as assault and battery, car-napping, murder, abductions, robberies, school shootings, workplace violence, road rage, and home invasions are occurring at unprecedented levels. In fact, crime is up in most categories, except, that is, in communities where law-abiding citizens have legally armed themselves. In an Oklahoma company one employee was beheaded by a discontented Muslim extremist, but the lives of other employees were saved because a manager in the company was armed and took quick action. Although the mainstream media does much to cover up incidents in which lives are saved by armed Americans, this kind of thing happens all the time, and Americans know it. Consequently, citizens of all stripes—men and women, Democrats and Republicans—are arming themselves.

All 50 states now have laws on the books that allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. Even Washington, D.C. officials have finally gotten smart and now allow citizens of the District to own guns. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. Out of desperation Washington, D.C. finally struck down its no-guns-allowed-unless-you-are-a-criminal statute. Since citizens of our nation’s capital have been able to own weapons, violent crime has decreased there. More than one-million new concealed weapons permits have been issued in the U.S. since 2011, bringing the total to more than eight million. This is a substantial number, but it is a mere trifle compared to the number of Americans who legally own guns that are kept in their homes and do not, therefore, require a concealed weapon permit. In short, America is armed.

The US Senate has not ratified the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty, and will not be asked to until after the mid-term elections in November. Knowing how Americans feel about this subject, no Senator who is running for re-election—even the most liberal of the bunch—wants to vote for ratification of the UN treaty. In spite of pre-election reticence on the part of the insecure Senators, President Obama has already ordered America’s UN Ambassador to sign the treaty. The treaty is Obama’s under-the-table attempt to do what he has been unable to do through the legislative process: force gun-control down the throats of Americans who do not want it.

If you are a student of the Constitution, take no solace in the un-constitutionality of third-party treaties such as the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty. Liberals in Congress have been either ignoring or running rough-shod over the Constitution for years. President Obama, of course, is even more prone than Congress to ignore the Constitution. Further, do not be misled by media reports that ratification of the treaty will never happen. In the event that Democrats are able to hold onto their majority in the Senate or, worse yet, increase their majority in the upcoming mid-term elections, liberals will be emboldened to give Barack Obama something he can call a legacy. With the way things are going for the embattled, befuddled president, the UN Arms treaty may be all they have to give him.