Since when did it become the UN’s job to try and influence elections?

Political leaders who reject urgent action to cut emissions should be punished at the ballot box because the world is heading for a “heart attack” caused by rising temperatures, according to one of the UN’s top climate officials.

Halldor Thorgeirsson was speaking before today’s opening of a meeting of scientists and government officials from around the world to negotiate the final wording of a major report on climate change. The negotiations, which take place in private over the next five days in Stockholm, Sweden, will include a debate about how the report should explain an unexpected slowdown in the rate of warming since 1998.

A draft of the Summary for Policymakers by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, seen by The Times, appears to concede that there are weaknesses in the computer models on which many politicians and scientists rely for doom-laden predictions. […]

Mr Thorgeirsson, speaking at Imperial College in London last week, likened the world’s consumption of fossil fuels to a patient with a weak heart eating high-fat food.

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