The United Nations is getting behind efforts to “re-educate” people who have been deemed “homophobic” in South America.

Using AIDS prevention programs for cover, gay rights groups in Brazil have enlisted the assistance of the United Nations to pressure the country to criminalize “homophobia.”

In a letter to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, the gay rights groups complain that the country has an AIDS “epidemic” affecting 10 percent of the gay population. In Brazil, homosexuals are estimated to represent only 0.6 percent of the general populace.

According to World Net Daily, the letter blames the AIDS rate among homosexuals on “the high violence against them.”

(And here responsible doctors for years have been blaming gay sex and the loose morals of the gay lifestyle for AIDS. Tut tut.)

The letter is from the Expanded Thematic Group on HIV/AIDS in Brazil and was penned with the approval of various United Nations groups like USAID, UNHCR, U.N. Women, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA and UNICEF. Its signatories include the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the Human Rights Special Secretariat of the Brazilian Presidency and other groups.

A recent “study” found 92 percent of the Brazilian population agreed partially or completely with statements such as “God made men and women with different sexes so that they could fulfill their role and have children.”

Based on the results, the Brazilian government deemed 99 percent of the population to be homophobic and in need of re-education.

(Interesting that people who claim homosexuality can’t be treated as a mental illness are more than happy to undertake “re-educating” the majority who find the gay lifestyle objectionable.)

The letter claims that criminalizing homophobia is “fundamental for the success of AIDS prevention programs.”

The letter cites as an example of violence that 278 homosexuals were murdered in 2011 in Brazil. But critics point out that 50,000 Brazilians are murdered each year, a statistic largely blamed on gun control laws. That works out to gays being about 0.005 percent of annual murder victims, lower than their representation in the overall population.

Julio Severo, who runs the Last Days Watchman as part of his pro-family ministry, said, “The Brazilian government has no official and non-official religions, but the U.N. agencies behind the letter were obviously eyeing the Christian feelings of the most Brazilians. Because of these feelings and heritage, Brazilians reject any kind of homosexual indoctrination in schools and the imposition of the gay ideology on their society.”

Severo’s advocacy for traditional families has gained him the hatred of gay groups who convinced PayPal to shut off Severo’s account, preventing him from easily receiving donations from supporters.

Don Hank, of the Laigle’s Forum website, said, “This is war. … PayPal is now officially the enemy of traditional Christianity.”

Brazil seems to be targeted for a test case. Gay advocates around the world often hide behind issues, crying about “rights,” when what they most often want is the legal ability to crush Christianity and anyone who opposes their agenda of sexualizing children and indoctrinating young people into the gay lifestyle.

The U.N. is involved because “gay rights” are yet another tool to weaken society and pave the way for an Orwellian world government.