We are living in dangerous times as the pernicious powers of this world take advantage of the rare circumstance of a U.S. Military decline, to attack, defeat and claim more territory. They’re quickly filling the vacuum the U.S. has left behind and they’re NOT afraid of America anymore. Obama blinded in myopia fixation with yanking America down from first place position in the super power line up has him giving little thought of what happens next to the world. Someone will step up but who? Obama doesn’t necessarily care at this point who that is, (China-ISIL-Russia) the top contenders, as long as he has a chokehold restraining America’s supremacy.

At July’s fund raiser event, Obama admitted why he won’t allow America to participate in the Middle East or Ukraine wars. He told the crowd, “There is anxiety hanging over the people of the world. Part of peoples concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a (new order) that’s based on a different set of principles. The old order isn’t holding and people are feeling that very foundation crumbling under their feet.” His new order foundation based on his set of principles is Socialism.

Obama’s politically inspired message of hope and change had Americans hoping he would change her for the better. We must infer from his new order speech his definition of change is not what we thought it meant. After five and 1/2 long years we learn his core belief is not to strengthen America but to equalize her with others “fitting in” instead of “standing out”.

His non-concern of who takes America’s place is the first step executing the New World Order. He told the UN, “No World Order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will survive.” Whoever takes over U.S. super power position (Russia-China-ISIL) can be dealt with later. With victory over America (UN) and Obama believe they will have gained enough power in their increasing alliance membership to remove anyone in that position at a later date. His different set of principles would have allowed the Islamic Middle East continuance to annihilate itself and deal with the last one standing. Unfortunately a dangerous and dynamic ISIS team arose running on the World’s adrenalin of panic and fear as an immediate global threat that had to be dealt with now. This interruption prompted his recent forced speech with a different set of principles strategy not WAR to handle ISIL.

While the world watches to see how much resistance our newly realized approach has on ISIL we should direct our attention to an even more deadly foe. Putin is a stealthy (strong nuclear) player estimating a stockpile of 10,000 nuclear weapons 2,000 of which are already sitting on rockets. Russia did a test bombing run of North America over Canadian airspace last week while practicing an offensive attack on the U.S. and changed their strategic doctrine to include preemptive war.

Putin is bombing airliners, invading Ukraine with tanks and heavy weaponry reclaiming land and rebuilding his Soviet empire. This successful invasion taunted Obama but with no serious repercussions it emboldens Putin to want more. Obama ignored Putin’s taunts refused to say invaded Ukraine and calls it an incursion. Any doubt why our position as a superpower is taking a nose dive?

Obama won’t say the words “radical Islamic terrorists” describing ISIL or “Invasion” describing Russia into Ukraine because his core belief is they are helping achieve One World Government. Erasing borders of sovereign nations joining them together is Globalization under his rationale of a different set of principles just aMilitary approach causing the same objective. He can’t speak decisively saying invasion or act decisively in war tactics against Putin because it goes against his ideological grain. Obama’s display of word parsing is his ego wanting to see the world as (he wants it to be) and refusing to see the world as it really is.

At a press conference, Wall Street Journal’s, Colleen McCain Nelson asked the President directly, “Do you consider today’s escalation in Ukraine an invasion?” Obama dodged saying, “I’ve considered the actions we’ve seen in the last week a (continuation) of what’s been taking place for months now.”

Recently Obama said, “We have an unwavering commitment to Ukraine” but his next point was Ukraine isn’t a NATO member. “We take our article 5 commitment to defend each other very seriously.” Article 5 is a commitment that each member of NATO will come to the defense of any other member if that member is attacked. Obama feels no obligation to defend Ukraine since they don’t belong to NATO. We still have a duty to defend them. In 1994 Ukraine, U.S., Great Britain, and Russia all signed the Budapest agreement stating if Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons we would defend its national sovereignty. Ukraine did and now we won’t. If Ukraine hadn’t given up their nukes Russia wouldn’t be invading them today. Obama doesn’t want war with Putin without NATO’s backing, the real reason he won’t use the word invade. The lesson here is keep your nukes, you can’t trust Obama either.

NATO has satellite images of convoys moving across the border with tanks and heavy equipment. NATO Secretary-General Anders F. Rasmussen told Reuters, “We see a continuous flow of weapons and fighters from Russia into Eastern Ukraine it is a clear demonstration of Russian (involvement).”He was clearly instructed not to say Invasion.

Petro Poroshenko, president of Ukraine, not impressed with Russia’s actions or NATO’s excuses called it what it is-invasion. He knows that the word invasion should invoke American and European leaders to take action with protection, armaments or something to help them against the Russian siege instead of cheap talk, “unwavering commitment”.

Jen Psaki U.S. State Dept. said, “I think this is a discussion about terminology. It doesn’t change what kind of support we are providing.” Not true, words do matter. Russia invaded Ukraine; the word invasion is a red-line word to Obama requiring Military help; whereas words like involvement or incursion don’t.

Putin uniting the old Soviet Union isn’t a secret. If he attacks even one NATO member of the Baltic States article 5 must be invoked according to Obama. To that Putin said, “I must remind you Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers, don’t mess with us.” Obama may not be predictable but Putin is and a force to be reckoned with. Does anyone believe that Obama would act on article 5, against Putin? For now U.S. and NATO have written off Ukraine.

There are different methods in taking a Nation down. Obama is employing tools from an unconventional toolbox. His devices of sabotage, lawless chaos and subterfuge to abate America are through socialist principles in contrast to military tactics ISIL and Putin execute. Putin and ISIL’s approach is swift, intense with tanks and missiles strong-arming the enemy into defeat.

Obama’s tactic is to level free enterprise and elevate government to enact: onerous EPA restrictions, lawless executive orders, exorbitant healthcare costs, high unemployment, open borders and the highest corporate tax in the world sending jobs overseas. This tool imposes a self-defeating mode of hopeless destitution onto citizens to seek (Govt.) to bring Order out of Chaos.

Obama’s parsing of words that we’re not at war isn’t about his (lack) of inwardly authority it’s about causing the Demise of the U.S. as the World’s Super Power Leader and the enormous consequences we are about to face as our enemies around the globe prepare for Battle to fill that coveted position.